Facing resistance, “Žalgiris” won a difficult victory from Klaipėda

“Neptūnas” did not have David Gailius, who is ill, so Mindaugas Girdžiūnas took the leading role and led the Klaipėda club – 8:7. Ignas Brazdeikis and the legionnaires returned the lead to the Zalgiriers (14:11), but it was fragile and after the first half the guests led 20:18. In practice, Matas Vaitkus managed to hit … Read more

Italy disgusts Hungary and goes to the Final Four / Nations League / Gr.3 / Hungary-Italy (0-2) / SOFOOT.com

Hungary 0-2 Italy Buts : Raspadori (27e), Dimarco (52e) for Italy The National will see… the Final Four ! In this “final” of Group C between Hungary and Italy at the Puskás Aréna, it was Roberto Mancini’s men who won the day (0-2). In front of 67,000 Hungarian supporters ready for the feat, on the … Read more

Ingrīda ķirse has left the position of manager of the Latvian branches of ‘Ergo’

Insurer’s “Ergo Insurance” and “Ergo Life Insurance” Latvian branch manager Ingrīda Ķirse has left the position, the company’s public relations manager Guna Kaše confirmed. Content will continue after the ad Advertising She noted that as of September 21, 2022, Ķirse has finished her duties as the manager of the Latvian branches and board member of … Read more

Leon Aron: Let’s not forget about Putin’s belief that when you lose you always have to take revenge

“In those 6-8 months, Russia must either win on the battlefield and make Ukraine capitulate and then declare that the war objectives have been achieved, or put energy pressure on Europe and demoralize the Ukrainians by barbarically destroying their infrastructure,” says Delfi. interlocutor According to Aron, the past months of the war in Ukraine will … Read more

8 Functions of Minerals according to their Types that are Important to Know Page all

KOMPAS.com – Mineral is one of the essential nutrients for the body to function optimally. Reported from Medline PlusVarious vital organs such as bones, muscles, heart, to the brain require these nutrients in sufficient quantities. There are two types mineral, namely macrominerals and trace minerals. First, macrominerals are needed in large enough quantities. Examples are … Read more

Jaroslav Tvrdík in tears: He married his eldest daughter

Jana Tvrdíková (21), the daughter of the boss of football club Slavia, got married. She married goalkeeper Slavia Ondřej Kolář (27). Her father, Jaroslav Tvrdík (54), is rejoicing in the good news this week. In mid-March head of football club Slavia Prague Jaroslav Tvrdík announced that he is battling cancer. The football boss did not … Read more

Vivo introduces X Fold+, a leather flexible smartphone with top specifications

The X Fold+ cameras are made in collaboration with ZEIZZ. Photo: Vivo There are not very many innovations in the smartphone compared to the previous model. Vivo updated the processor, increased the battery capacity and upgraded the cameras. The design is copied from the regular X Fold, which was introduced in April 2022. Vivo X … Read more