Europe is adding 60 minutes to its official clock starting Sunday

With this decision, the time difference between Morocco and Europe will be two hours instead of one hour, throughout the month of Ramadan until the day of Eid al-Fitr. It is expected that Morocco will add 60 minutes to its official time on Sunday, April 23, so that the time difference between the Kingdom and Europe will be one hour. And this is at a time when many doctors in Europe have warned of daylight saving time and the change that governments are making at the level of the official hour of the country. Reports rejecting these changes confirmed that adding or decreasing one hour negatively affects the health of individuals, causing them a lot of fatigue, exhaustion, and sleepiness during the day and difficulty sleeping at night, in addition to irritability, lack of concentration, and decreased physical and intellectual performance. And a number of doctors confirm that because of the transition from summer time to winter time, a person needs a week, at least, for the body to adapt itself from a physiological and biological point of view, and to adapt to the new hour. On the other hand, economists believe that the earlier daylight savings time is implemented, the more money will be saved in energy. Because moving the clock forward by 60 minutes means an additional hour of daylight, which reduces the need for electric lighting and reduces energy consumption, especially for lighting and heating, which means saving some expenses and material costs.

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