[รีวิว] Now, We Are Breaking Up, a familiar plot with a rating of 19+.

A story of love and breakup where the word ‘farewell’ is written, but instead means ‘love’ through the lives of a man and woman in the world of fashion and photography. that they both have their own paths and hearts

Now, We Are Breaking Up

Now, We Are Breaking Up tells the love story of a 30+ year old who is working hard. Life during this time is fun, serious, and has goals that you want to achieve in life. until sometimes Love may not be the top choice to be devoted to. ‘Ha Young Eun’ (Song Hye Kyo), the beautiful head of the design team in the leading fashion company ‘The One’. A very cool and straight forward girl. who view love as a secondary matter and focus on the stability of one’s own life She views love as a fashion trend that comes and goes. It is like a love that when it begins It is often accompanied by the word breakup.

Until the world has cast her to meet ‘Yun Jae Guk’ (Jang Ki Yong), a young, handsome, talented, charming, charming photographer who is a skilled photographer that the fashion industry needs. He who never believed in love and thought romantic love never existed. Falling in love with a woman who had an affair with him overnight. and more than that They both fell in love with each other.

The plot is repeated in Korean style, but..it’s good.

We will see many Korean series plotting for Phra-Nang. We’ve met before, but we’ve never known each other. the melody of a woman turning left man turn right Miss each other, miss each other or even plotting for the heroine to fight for life There is a debt of gratitude that makes my mouth water. I have to go see a representative of a rich friend. who is a spoiled young lady and does not work hard Then that blind date turned into the hero of the handsome millionaire’s son. who left the house because of conflicts with their families Let’s find the meaning of life They also met once but didn’t know their names. There are a lot of plots like this in Korean series.

Changgiyong Now, We Are Breaking Up

But the difference in this series is its dizzying start. and the action of the story that makes the plot monotonous Interesting and interesting to follow up. The interest in this part, of course, is attributed to Song Hye Kyo’s role, who completely lost her mind after leaving memories for fans in Encounter, Hearts Meet Love in 2018, and then disappeared. The series went on for 3 years. Mom went to the front staff. No matter how beautiful it is, it’s still beautiful like that, and it also carries a bag full of spiciness. Because in the first scene, the mother took the young man to chew on the crunchy crunch in the midst of the celebration. OMG!

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I can almost say that this is the first Korean drama where Song Hye Kyo plays the most love scenes. Only the first 4 episodes that aired were kissing and kissing in three scenes and four scenes. Especially the first scene where both kissing, taking off, hugging, rolling around But… the camera angle that comes out to the audience is clean, meaningful and rich in desire. This our heroine, she does not believe in stable love. because there is a past that hurts and remembers So she thought no. I won’t love anyone else I’m going to give up on it but I’m going to live a life that doesn’t matter. and look at sex as natural

So she celebrated her victory in life by being spicy like One Night Stand with a handsome guy who happened to meet, but I’m sorry, her beauty and many charms made that young man very attracted to him. Want to continue, want to know his name. But a designer who doesn’t care about the world like you said. It doesn’t have to be because we’ll never see each other again. Plunge at the person, walk quickly out like a stone pillar. Is there any more still than this? But when two people are born as heroine and hero It’s not possible to see each other again. came into the plot repeatedly that

Song Hye Kyo Now, We Are Breaking Up

Ha Young Eun has to go to a blind date instead of ‘Hwang Si Suk’ (Choi Hee Seo), the boss’ daughter who has been friends since childhood. I’m grateful that his father sent him to study fashion abroad, right? it was undeniable But that young man is the man on One Night Stand, and there’s a story telling the hero that she’s pretending to be a blind date instead of a friend. Besides not being angry, he was also very impressed. Once we get to know each other more, it turns out that Both the hero and heroine almost met before. But every time we miss each other. Are you familiar with Korean disciples? This kind of story has been seen in other stories, but different side dishes don’t taste the same. Because even though the plot is repetitive, it’s interesting to follow and delicious in another way.

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Eat a child and everyone is immortal.

The trend of eating children is really hot lately because you can almost tell that if this story doesn’t have a heroine named Song Hye Kyo to pair up with Jang Ki Yong, the interest in this series will almost drop. that’s all Because as I said, there are a lot of plots like this. If the magnet is not strong enough, there will be no screaming sound. plus the action that has put strength from the start With a strong woman grabbing the cartilage and chewing on it, but the scythe is playing around. In this story, the role should have made the heroine a few years older. Or is it the same model at all? But in real life, Song Hye Kyo is 11 years older than Jang Ki Yong. You can’t do anything with this heroine. immediately joined together Chemistry rushed into each other. get along well

Now, We Are Breaking Up

Melodrama storyline You can also call viewers to follow like you want to see more. because the albinoid glands are already attached How will the two of them love each other? What is the meaning of the word breakup that push means love? There is sure bitterness in pleasure. How can the stench of rotten water be filtered until rotten? This is another interesting part. In this regard, we do not have to be disappointed with Song Hye Kyo’s performance. Mother took care of every role, and it seemed that this role was a simple, easy-to-eat, slippery role for top-tier actors like her mother.

As for junior actors like Jang Kiyong, it’s normal when playing with seniors with this level of skill. It sends Jang Kiyong to become a public chemistry hero by default. who comes in a handsome, cool look that the girls can’t take their eyes off him which the script and the action in the story can be sent to look out like that It can be said that the fans have made a full profit.

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Overview of 4ep that is worth following the next episode.

Considered dignified fashion series With the clothes, hair and looks that are molded out for the heroine to be a confident woman who wants to grow in the industry Plus the drama of life that must be a slave to the organization. without being able to boast of their own reputation is doing good but no credit Known only in the industry that she is number 1, it is easy to create a feeling of being a designer who has no credit but is proud of all the work that he intends to create. It is both suppressed and proud of himself. go at the same time We can see behind the scenes of the fashion industry in the chaotic background. to deliver beauty to the foreground smoothly

Now, We Are Breaking Up

The little comedy corners that are intertwined seem to be an integral part of every K-drama. But it is harmonious and homogeneous, not irritating the eyes. Dramatic corners, tears and emotions that make people look into the life of the heroine. and hope that one day she will be known to the world to make it out smoothly Call it smooth with the theme of the story. At first, I almost accidentally thought that the heroine was a girl of One Night Stand that wasn’t that fancy. But the content that follows the ripple is different and more interesting.

Although we can guess the story on a scene-by-scene basis. But willing to see the outcome of the speculation willingly. because of what was predicted It’s so finicky and sweet. It is a love that comes with obstacles for the audience to follow. Let me tell you that Korean series fans can guess the plot and all subsequent episodes for sure, but not sure. We may have guessed it wrong. Overall, this series is worth following. especially the performances of two princesses of different ages Good chemistry until I really couldn’t keep up

Now, We Are Breaking Up

  • Directed :I Gilbok
  • Write the script:Jay In
  • Number of episodes : 16 episodes
  • Broadcast date : Every Friday – Saturday at 21.00 via Viu application


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