▷ Fortnite leaves Nintendo Switch out of the cross-play game between consoles


Fortnite implemented cross-play between consoles thanks to the efforts of Epic games because players on all platforms can play together without restrictions. Nintendo Switch it was the last to join the cross game, being able to play with PC, Xbox One or PS4 users, where this battle royale performs at a speed of 60 fps, while in the Nintendo console it only reaches 30 fps. This technical disadvantage aroused the discomfort of the players, who asked Epic Games for a solution.

Detailed Fortnite Patch v8.10

In addition to the various control inputs, the controls used by each platform, this difference in performance between the most powerful consoles, is a palpable advantage over the Nintendo handset because it allows more precise controls, which greatly facilitates targeted control. The Epic Games solution, therefore, readjusts the Fortnite cross-play so that in casual games it coincides only with Android and iOS players.

Starting from the implementation of patch 8.10, Fortnite's random default match will bring players Xbox One and Ps4 on one side, and switches and mobile players from the other, to avoid playing at a disadvantage. This, in the same way, does not mean that the cross-play functions of the Nintendo console with the Sony and Microsoft platforms have been completely eliminated, since manually, we can continue to invite acquaintances of these platforms and play a normal game or play the creative mode .


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