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Experience and efficiency

Our lawyers have been trained in prestigious business schools and have more than 15 years of professional experience acquired in law firms of national and international relevance, specializing and practicing labor law in Madrid. We are members of the Madrid Bar Association (ICAM) and we have the quality seal of the National Union of Specialized Lawyers (UNAES).

Services for SMEs

If you have an SME and need the services of a Madrid Labor Lawyer, we are committed to your business project!

We will design the preventive labor strategy more suited to the needs of your company, to reduce your labor costs and mitigate labor unrest. We offer you labor solutions, among others, in the following matters:

  • We legally represent your SME before official bodies in conciliation acts before the SMAC, labor lawsuits, labor inspections, etc.
  • We negotiate in front of unions and company committees defending your business interests in collective proceedings, such as collective dismissals, FOR HIM, substantial modifications of working conditions, mobility geographic, mobility functional, collective agreements company, pay off, etc.
  • We draft and review the working conditions of your staff (ie contracts of work, labor clauses specific, variations in working conditions, plans of variable retribution, telecommuting, etc.).
  • We defend the interests of your company against claims filed by workers in any labor matter, including, layoffs (ie disciplinary dismissal, dismissal for objective reasons, unfair dismissal, null dismissal), disciplinary sanctions, quantity claims, extraordinary hours, etc. We offer you a comprehensive legal-labor service that ranges from preliminary advice to legal defense before the Courts and Tribunals of the social order.
  • We advise you on any labor matter that arises in the day to day of your business activity (ex. you contract and subcontract, business succession, pay gap audits, etc.).

Also, if you need an office of Labor Lawyers in Madrid To resolve several queries per month, we offer you the contracting of our services through monthly labor equal, personalizing our legal services and dedication time to the needs of your business.

Worker Services

If you are a worker, middle manager or manager and you need the services of an office of Labor Lawyers in Madrid, we accompany you in the labor market!

We take care of the defense of your labor interests in all claims against the company, representing you in acts of conciliation and labor lawsuits. We offer you work solutions adapted to you, among others, in the following areas:
  • Dismissal (eg disciplinary dismissal, dismissal for objective reasons, unfair dismissal, null dismissal, etc.), and disciplinary sanctions.
  • We claim your unpaid wages, extraordinary hours, variable retribution, settlement, etc.
  • We review your working conditions and advise you on any employment questions related to your contract work, substantial modifications of working conditions (eg. working day, schedule, functions, salary, etc.), about holidays, paid leave, etc.
  • We defend your labor rights in matters of work and family conciliation, such as, working hours reductions for legal guardianship, maternity, paternity, leave of absence, telecommuting, etc.
  • We advise you on any query you have that affects your employment relationship, among others, about fake freelancers, Workplace Harassment, illegal transfer of workers, wage gap, etc.

And, also if you are workers representative, and you need to have a Labor Lawyer in Madrid, we will become your external advisors in any collective procedure, such as collective layoffs, negotiation of collective agreements company, collective labor agreements, union elections, labor inspections, etc.

Labor Lawyer Madrid

The opinion of our clients is part of the hallmark of Ortiz Palma Labor Lawyers, because your satisfaction is our greatest professional success. We invite you to visit our website and find out some of their opinions. Exclusive specialization in Labor Law is the key to our success. Contact us and we will become your Labor Lawyer in Madrid. We listen to you!

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