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Figo, the great hated of Barcelona

figo barcelona

Without a doubt, the hatred that the Blaugrana fans have for Jose Luís Figo has no limits. And, unfortunately, it must be said that he has earned it. More than anything because the player of Portuguese origin always he publicly denied Real Madrid, making it clear that he would never go to military in the white team.

But of course, Florentino Pérez, a financial genius and candidate for the presidency of Real Madrid, arrived and cajoled Figo into signing a binding contract: if Florentino won the elections, Figo would go to the white team. The problem is that he finally won. And of course, Figo begged the Barça management to pay the contract clause, to which they flatly refused.

In this way, Figo was forced to go to Real Madrid. It was the main spearhead of the time of the Galactics, but that pig’s head that was thrown at him at the Camp Nou, will be remembered forever.

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