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The nutritionist shared 6 nutritious breakfast combinations, which can not only meet the energy needs of the human body but also be low in fat.

Breakfast is the first meal of the day to provide energy for the body. Kathy Wu Yaofen, a certified nutritionist of the Hong Kong Institute of Dietitians, shared several healthy and nutritious breakfast combinations with TOPick, so that everyone can enjoy a healthy and delicious breakfast, which can satisfy energy Need to maintain weight.

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Sandwiches are the first choice for many people for breakfast, so pay attention to the bread style! We can choose white bread or high-fiber wheat bread, and avoid sweet butter and egg buns. At the same time, reduce the amount of butter to reduce unnecessary fat intake. If you want to taste more crispy, you can heat the sandwich in a toaster or oven, and the heat will not increase.

The first item recommended is the turkey cucumber sandwich. The main ingredients are peeled turkey and sliced ​​cucumbers, and white bread. Turkey meat is thick, filling and tasty, and it is extremely low in fat. The moisture and fresh taste of the cucumber can match the thickness of the turkey, and it is delicious without additional sauce. In addition, cucumber contains dietary fiber and organic acids, which can stimulate intestinal peristalsis and help smooth bowel movements.

The second is a low-fat cheese and ham sandwich. The main ingredients are low-fat cheese, ham and white bread. Ham is low in fat, easy to store and prepare, and has enough flavor to be perfect for sandwiches. Low-fat cheese is rich in calcium, which can supplement bone calcium and is especially suitable for women.

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Then came the smoked salmon sandwich. The main ingredients are smoked salmon, lettuce and white bread. Smoked salmon is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which have cell repair and anti-inflammatory effects. Moreover, smoked salmon has a strong taste, which is suitable for friends who like strong taste. Adding lettuce can freshen up the taste a bit so that the body can get the dietary fiber.

The last is the poached egg, tomato and ham sandwich. The ingredients of this sandwich include poached egg, tomato, ham and white bread. Eggs are a food rich in iron and calcium, which can help improve anemia and make us look rosy and energetic. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, which helps to resist oxidation, and can effectively prevent prostate cancer and resist sunburn of the skin by ultraviolet rays.

Another non-bread breakfast option is the handy cornflakes, an easy and delicious breakfast ingredient. Corn flakes are rich in carbohydrates and added dietary fiber and various vitamins and minerals, which can provide us with sufficient energy and micronutrients. When paired with low/skimmed milk, it is not only not easy to cause obesity, but also provides the same protein and calcium as whole milk. Cornflakes can be served with a variety of fruits or nuts, or with soy milk or low-fat cheese for more varied tastes.

Healthy and delicious breakfast options can meet our energy needs and maintain a healthy weight, everyone should choose wisely!

Ng Yiu Fen (Kathy) – Certified Dietitian (Hong Kong Society of Dietitians).

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Author : Ng Yiu Fen (Kathy) Dietitian accredited by Hong Kong Society of Dietitians

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