[오늘의 운세] September 18, 2022 (Sunday, August 23 of the lunar calendar, accurate zodiac horoscope)

[오늘의 운세] September 18, 2022 (Sunday, August 23 of the lunar calendar, accurate zodiac horoscope)

Today’s funny horoscope Let’s learn about September 18, 2022 (Sunday, August 23 of the lunar calendar, today’s zodiac horoscope/date of birth horoscope).

Apricot News Today’s fortune-telling focused on solving questions about the age by reorganizing it around a generation that is bright in SNS culture. The analysis focused on the development of yin and yang and the five elements. Daewoon, Liyeonun, Gyeokguk, Hap and Chung were not taken into account, so they were not used as analysis data. It is literally today’s fortune telling for fun.

Then, let’s take a look at today’s horoscope for each year’s birthday~!

● Rat

It’s also important to take time to look back and reorganize yourself. Rather than a bustling place, take some time to meditate or be alone. This is the moment when you need a new plan and organizing your work.

It’s a fun day to try new things and meet people. Academically, you study on your own as planned, and your interpersonal relationships will also strengthen your relationship with your friends, so move quickly.
If I have to make an important decision, it’s a little difficult today. Moving in a passive position is actually beneficial to you. Opportunities and good fortune will come to those who wait with an open mind.
It’s the best day. It can handle complex calculations or difficult tasks with ease. It will be a pleasant moment to be recognized and make a profit in your professional work.
If you have a job-related matter, make a decision quickly. It will be rewarding to show off your skills and make a profit. I hear good news from afar, and there are many people looking for me around me.
It’s heartbreaking, but no matter how hard you try, you can’t move forward or back down. Empty emotions will come rushing in like a wave, but you need time to rearrange yourself to clear your troubled mind.
If you are planning to move, you are lucky enough to do it today. But don’t rush, make a plan and proceed slowly. Taking time to relax is the most important thing.

● Ox (丑)

Do not refuse help from those around you with excessive pride. The more you try and hold on to things that you cannot solve on your own, the more damage you can cause. Be wise and follow the rules of coexistence with others.

An unexpected friend will help me. If you have a difficult problem or concern, do not hesitate to find someone to discuss with. I can find a solution. Relax for a moment and look around.
Unexpected expenses can disrupt your financial plans. It would be best to stay away from nightlife and drinking and dancing today. It’s a day when I have to focus on my studies and my main job.
It’s an emotionally ups and downs day. Take a break from your hobbies or meeting with your family and loved ones. Put aside competition or heavy work for a while, and recharge your energy mentally.
Avoid drinking alcohol because a lot of expenses are expected. It can make you feel excited and bored, so focus on your own mind control. It is a day filled with happiness in the ordinary.
There will be disagreements today. Rather than holding on to it, giving up quickly is probably the answer. Since you picked the wrong opponent, asking for reconciliation at an appropriate level is probably the fastest solution.
Oh my, since I have a good relationship with the people around me, it will help me a lot in whatever I do. Everyone you meet today is a noble person. Be sure to express your gratitude as the problems you have been worrying about have been resolved.

● Tiger (Tiger) (寅)

Don’t close your eyes and ears and move arbitrarily like a solitary general, and listen to the advice of those around you. Refrain from self-righteousness for today, because if you make a mistake, you can commit something you will regret for the rest of your life.

A friend of the opposite sex must cause trouble. I am far from studying and my mind is unstable. At times like this, I have to focus on my main job without slowing down the tension even more. Put your worries aside.
Don’t let this day go in vain. It’s a great day for exams, presentations, etc. Keep moving forward towards your goal. It’s a day that memorizes and senses stand out.
It is a day to receive social stability and recognition rather than financial gains. If you actively pursue what you want to do, you have a chance of winning. Just don’t move alone, work with your colleagues.
It’s a good day to meet an older senior. In the meeting, valuable information and profits follow, so move quickly. Business business is also active, and laughter is sure to bloom.
A nobleman will appear and solve the difficult clues of the troubles that have been lingering in my mind these days. Rather than looking for it from afar, it is very close, so it is better not to be impatient and to wait for your arrival in peace.
If you have any concerns, meet and discuss with someone younger than you. You may get better results than you think. It’s great to have things to reduce wrinkles waiting for.

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● Rabbit (卯)

If you empty your mind from a high place and look down, you will feel much lighter. You know how to solve the problem yourself. One by one, slowly solve the puzzles of your life.

Please refrain from talking because misunderstandings with friends of the opposite sex may lead to quarrels. It’s also a good idea to cancel your appointment today and go home early. Rather, focus on solving the unfinished problem.
Today, focus only on yourself, such as studying or hobbies. It’s not a good day to meet friends of the opposite sex, so put it off until another day. Today is a day for scientific brilliant ideas.
It is a day where farewells and new encounters coexist. Your will and actions are very important. Be careful at work, as you may have trouble concentrating and be distracted from your work.
I feel bored and tired in my daily life. Be careful with your words and actions, as you may give a pint or nudge to the people around you. I’m worried that someone will get hurt because of me.
It’s not the right time yet, and I’m worried that there is no sign of a drop of water falling on the drought-prone land. The constant worries will wear off day by day, but don’t worry too much because opportunities will come soon.
Have you ever thought about a twilight divorce? How much of the friendship I have accumulated over the years? Today, the couple must develop a strong bond so that it will pass without any problems.

● Dragon (辰)

Wow, I can meet a heavenly bond today. It’s a moment that shines affectionately, so try actively looking for your lover. It will also be a wonderful day accompanied by material abundance.

It is still too early to get a confession of love or a perfect reward. You have to work harder and prepare thoroughly. Don’t slow down, as soon everything will work out the way you want it to.
You can lose a month’s salary or pocket money due to a momentary mistake. Stay away from entertainment and the opposite sex as much as possible. Be true to yourself and your family, whether it’s spending time with your family or making a study plan.
It’s a day of melancholy mode because I think a lot. It would be nice to have a drink with seniors or friends with a flexible personality. If you open your heart and listen, you will find unexpected information and advice.
You will find stability in the ordinary and you will feel happy because of the person you love. A smooth day is expected, so arrange a fun time with the people you love.
Unfortunately, the other person doesn’t trust you. In this state, you will never be able to convince the other person. If you want to make things better in the future, don’t push yourself too hard and give yourself a moment.
It’s not yet time to start over again. If you proceed in haste, things could be jeopardized. Even if you start right now, there will be obstacles. Think carefully, and think carefully.

● Snake (巳)

It’s a very auspicious day for travel or going out. It would be nice if I went to a unity tournament with my colleagues at work. Since good interpersonal relationships also lead to financial gains, people should be treated as precious.

Invest time in yourself for today. Don’t be conscious of other people’s gaze, and move as you please. I need a friend to soothe my weary heart, so please open the door of your heart.
Your mind and body are a bit tired. It’s a perfect day to put down a book for a while and take a break while organizing your surroundings. Hurry up can lead to health problems.
It’s a good day to watch a musical or watch a movie with friends. Turn off your computer monitor and find a cool place. You can lose money in haste, so put off important decisions until tomorrow.
The surrounding conditions are not so important. Create happiness with your family. My shoulders are heavy because there are so many people who believe in me and follow me. You will go through everything wisely.
Today, send news to the people you miss and miss. It will be a really good day to have time to organize and share news via phone, text message, or e-mail.
If I were to prioritize my life, wouldn’t it be time for me? Don’t think of anyone else today. Listen to your favorite music or watch a movie to find peace of mind and relaxation.

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● Horse (午)

It’s a great day to go out or travel, so it’s good to meet up with close relatives and friends. It will be a happy day when you can get results if you exchange with an active attitude even in company meetings.

Keep in mind that all problems are within me. If you fight with your opponent’s shortcomings, you will only waste time. Because of my consideration, the other party might be able to ask for reconciliation.
Today is a good day to love. Put aside for a moment the serious issues that determine important issues in the workplace. It’s not something that can be solved in a hurry. Just focus on the person you love.
You will get good results even in difficulties. It’s a day where one’s abilities and charms stand out. However, beware of overconsumption and drinking. I can meet a relationship that is not my relationship.
No matter how hard you try, your income is not good. You may not be happy with the amount of money coming in that is less than what you were supposed to, but pay more attention to your future gains than your visible ones.
If you decide to go on a trip to a distant place, it might be a good idea to postpone or cancel your itinerary. If you leave home today, you will have bad luck. Be especially careful as it can cause health problems.

● Sheep (未)

It would be better to avoid all gatherings and go home early. Today, we have to be careful about the mistakes that occur due to problems between the opposite sex and drinking or dancing. Be faithful to your work with a sincere attitude.

You may feel betrayed by someone close to you. Don’t make any misunderstandings and keep your word. Today, move independently, such as reading by yourself or doing hobbies.
It is a rewarding day to be recognized for your abilities in your field. It is especially useful for people who work in information and communication related fields. There is also the energy of a new project being selected, a job change, or a promotion.
There is a crossover. I have people who support me and my confidence rises. It’s also a good day to conclude contracts or make important decisions. The things you planned will go ahead without a hitch.
There can be situations where you are at a disadvantage in every way. But no matter how bad you feel, don’t underestimate the human side of the other person. That human side can help you.
Take a look around today and if you can avoid bad things, you should avoid them. It must be very difficult because there can be fights and there are financial expenses. Calmly observe your surroundings.

● Monkey (申)

It is a day of gossip and quarrels. Avoid arguing with your partner or at a business meeting, and be careful with your actions. I think it would be good to rest at home today.

Today is a day with a fairly high affection index. Don’t put off a blind date or meeting with friends. If you’ve been waiting for so long, your chance is today! Please look forward to meeting my ideal type.
If you’re currently single, that’s good news. Actively build relationships. It’s the perfect day to show off my charm. If you have an appointment with your lover, never postpone the meeting until tomorrow.
I feel happy because the love between the couple is more reassuring. Is it because the house is comfortable? I am looking forward to a wonderful day when everything is resolved smoothly and recognized in social activities.
Good news will come from far away, and your worries will disappear. The news will bring luck with you, and the work you’ve been working on will be completed without any setbacks. Have a good time.
Feel with your heart what the person under your hand is thinking. The love that started with your small attention will have a positive impact on everyone. Above all, you will have a day full of affection.

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● Rooster (酉)

It is a shape that seeks exhilarating and special changes in a peaceful and stable life. It’s a day of Shanghai and gossip, so it’s a good day to read at home or watch a movie alone.

Good things will happen in games or money. When it comes to trading, anything is profitable for me. However, academic concentration is reduced, so students have a more energetic day.
Don’t wait, when the opportunity comes, try to win. Show me your thoughts and abilities, whether at work or in front of your lover. It’s a day where one’s charms stand out.
This is a very favorable day for those who are in business or doing business. Everything planned will go smoothly. It would be even more reassuring to have a helper at home who supports me.
It will be a meaningful day if you let go of your selfish attitude and spend the day asking the well-being of those around you. Your kindness will make you feel good and it will be a pleasant day for your body and mind.
Today, it would be better to trust the people around you a little more. If you don’t believe and put your emotions first, you can cause irreparable harm to each other, so think again when you talk.

● Dog (戌)

You can get what you want when you act a little more relaxed. It’s a day that has nothing to do with success or failure, so don’t put an unreasonable number on it. A meeting with family or loved ones is the best day.

You will be popular with the opposite sex. A day where my charms stand out! There is a high probability that you will meet your ideal type at a meeting or blind date. Make today a wonderful day for love.
Don’t create unnecessary worries. Profits are being made from unexpected events, or a new love is starting. A fun and rewarding time is expected, so push forward with confidence.
It’s a day that doesn’t lack enough to confirm each other’s affection. Make wonderful memories with your loved one in this moment when everything is perfect. You will feel real happiness with your partner.
The things you’ve been waiting and waiting for will bear good fruit. The results are as good as the effort. It is good to spend the day with peace of mind as the worries of the past are resolved quickly.
Express your gratitude to the people you love who have watched over you until today. Without them, how could we have been doing so well until now? Give me love that cannot be expressed in words.

● Pig (亥)

Rather than a competitor in your busy life, you should meet a friendly senior or friend you can communicate with by heart. Make a day of rest for tomorrow as stability comes in the midst of serenity.

You can embrace everything! It’s a day full of energy to do anything you want to do. Just for today, keep moving forward towards your goal. The joy you get will surely follow.
The results are showing up very well. If you have a goal, achieve it within today. It’s full of luck and full of energy. You have to go straight ahead without brakes towards the goal.
Your mind and body are stable. If you focus your mind and pursue it, you can expect good results. Don’t look back, move forward. I would also be happy to have someone supporting me.
It will be a smoother day in interpersonal relationships than ever before. It requires more conversations than usual with the people around you. If you have an important decision to make, it would be a good idea to proceed today.
Oh, I have interest income. It’s the money you get for your hard work. However, you have to manage your money well, as the amount of money going out today may be higher than the money coming in. Take special care.

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