🔥 Good deal: 4 Crucial SSDs (120, 240, 480 and 960 GB) of 20 euros on Amazon


Faster and more efficient, SSD promises to boost your configuration compared to a conventional HDD. Today Amazon offers great discounts on the BX500 references of the Crucial brand in 120, 240, 480 and 960 GB, with a starting price of 20 euros.

Do you want to replace the old HDD or complete the current configuration with an SSD? Today on Amazon we find Crucial SSD BX500 from 120 GB to 20 euros (instead of 23 euros), from 240 GB to 31 euros (instead of 42 euros), from 480 GB to 59 euros (instead of 78 euros) and 960 GB to 118 euros (instead of 158 euros).

By adopting the 2.5 inch format, this SSD model can easily fit inside a PC or laptop (except for the thinner models like ultrabooks). With simple instructions, a supplied cloning software and explanatory videos: the installation is really accessible to everyone.

It offers a read speed of 540 MB / s and a write speed of up to 500 MB / s – which is very effective for everyday use – estimated at 300% faster than a classic hard drive. In addition, 3D NAND technology is also sent, a 3D flash memory in which the cells are stacked on several levels in order to obtain resistance, speed and above all, at the same time, reduce energy consumption.

In short, an SSD is simply the ideal solution to start Windows in seconds at start-up, quickly run the software installed on it or browse more smoothly on the Internet.

Why do we recommend these SSDs?

  • Compatible with most computers
  • Their high read / write speed
  • An ideal solution to replace / complete an HDD
  • Reduced start-up times and quick application start-up

On Amazon, the 120 GB Crucial BX500 SSD costs 20 euros, from 240 GB to 31 euros, from 480 GB to 59 euros or from 960 GB to 118 euros.

Find the Crucial 120 GB SSD for 20 euros
Find the Crucial SSD from 240 GB to 32 euros
Find the Crucial 480 GB SSD for 59 euros
Find the Crucial SSD 960 GB at 118 euros

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