1.5 Kilometers of Tsunami Trail When Asteroids Extinct Dinosaurs

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Entry Phenomenon asteroid which destroys dinosaur 66 million years ago also caused a 1.5-kilometer tsunami that hit North America, and wiped out nearly 75 percent of Earth’s species.

Over the past few years, scientists have found many traces of the impact of this disaster. This provides greater details of the impacts, including smoke that surrounds the Earth to forest fires covering an area of ​​1,500 kilometers in the impact area.

In 2019, a team also discovered the fossil record, including evidence of debris washed away by the 11 on the Richter scale (SR) tsunami that resulted from the impact. Most recently, researchers discovered a massive hole 1,500 meters below what is now the US territory of Louisiana.

“The water is so deep that once the tsunami stops, regular storm surges can’t disturb what’s there,” University of Louisiana geologist Gary Kinsland said, citing Science Alert.

Scientists have spent decades searching for evidence of an extinction-level event, including finding the asteroid’s dramatic impact when it hit what is now Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.

Kinsland and colleagues analyzed seismic imaging data for central Louisiana, obtained from a fossil fuel company. They determined that the center of the printed ripple formed a straight line to the Chicxulub crater and its orientation was consistent with the resulting impact.

Other experts revealed that in addition to the devastating 1.5-kilometer tsunami, massive dust also blocked the sun’s rays, causing global air temperatures to plummet.

University of Texas geophysicist Sean Gullick cites Science Mag, said the study used seismic imaging commonly used by oil companies.

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The researchers dug deep into the layers at the time of the asteroid collision. From there, ripples were found in the form of fossils which were concluded as traces of a tsunami from an asteroid impact crater.

Researchers revealed that when the tsunami hit land, tons of rocks were crushed. Various types of fish and dinosaurs were carried by the tsunami waves and their fossils were stored deep in the land.

The asteroid impact evaporated the sulfur in the rock, then formed sulfate aerosols in the atmosphere and caused a cooling of temperatures on a global scale.

There are about 325 billion metric tons of sulfur produced as a result of the asteroid impact that caused climate change. As a result of this catastrophic natural disaster, dinosaurs finally became extinct.


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