1.5 Years Old Boy in Pemalang, Who Mysteriously Disappeared, Found Dead

Pemalang, KOMPAS.com – Mystery of disappearance Arkhana Faeza Riskiawana 1.5-year-old boy in Ambowetan Village, Ulujami District, Pemalang, Central Java, the answer is already.

Residents found Arkhana dead in an irrigation canal not far from the location where the poor boy disappeared. Precisely in the irrigation canal of Candi Hamlet, Rowosari Village, Ulujami District, Wednesday (18/5/2022) morning.

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“It was found about 500 meters from the TKP at around 05.45 WIB by residents,” said Ulujami Police Chief Iptu Teguh Hadi Santoso to Kompas.com.

Teguh said that the process of evacuating the boy’s body was carried out by involving doctors from the local health center. From the results of the doctor’s statement, there were no signs of violence on the victim’s body.

“Immediately brought to the house because the distance is close. After the inspection was immediately cleaned, bathed for burial in TPU Rowosari,” he said.

Previously reported, residents of Ulujami, Pemalang Regency, were shocked by the disappearance of a toddler in Ambowetan Village.

From the information gathered, the toddler named Arkhana Faeza Riskiawan (1.5) disappeared when his parents left him to go to the kitchen to prepare food on Monday, May 16, 2022, at around 15.30 WIB.

The SAR team consisting of the Police, BPBD, PMI, and the Ambowetan Village Government assisted by residents carried out a search around the location to look for the poor boy’s whereabouts.

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