1 euro and without monthly payment, here is its price with a Bouygues Telecom package

Bouygues Telecom’s Black Friday started early this year. What already to benefit from very good deals, like that concerning the Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G. Indeed, it comes at the price of only one euro with a Sensation 120 GB package with Smartphone Benefits.

Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G

The Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G seen from the back // Source: Frandroid

You find that the Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G looks like au Galaxy A52 5G? This is normal, the design of the two smartphones is completely identical. The Korean brand, however, changed the processor of the version « s » to give it more power. A good idea that breathes new life into Samsung’s best mid-range smartphone.

For Black Friday, Bouygues Telecom completely melts the price of the Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G (yes, the most powerful). Accompanied by a Sensation package with 120 GB Smartphone Benefits, it falls at the price of 1 euro only , and without additional monthly payment. To get this price, you must enter the code BF70 in your shopping cart.

The Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G at a glance

  • a beautiful 120 Hz AMOLED screen
  • a new welcome processor
  • a different design from competing manufacturers

A model of versatility

In the category of accessible and handy smartphones, there is no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy A52s would get a place on the podium. It is difficult to fault it as its technical sheet is balanced. From screen to performance through photos, the Samsung Galaxy A52s is doing particularly well.

Samsung Galaxy A52s 5GSamsung Galaxy A52s 5G

The Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G // Source: Frandroid

AMOLED and 120 Hz

Previously reserved for the ultra high-end market, 120 Hz AMOLED screens have recently appeared on more accessible smartphones. This is the case of this Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G, which has a very well contrasted 6.5-inch panel with a fluid display. This is not the only quality of this screen, which also has the advantage of being very bright and rich in color. In short, the Samsung Galaxy A52s has a particularly pleasant display to use.

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A significant gain in power

The predecessor of the Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G was already a very good smartphone, with the only downside its performance. This defect is now corrected with this new version. The Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G is now equipped with the Snapdragon 778G processor, a mid-range chip from Qualcomm. It is a good choice of the builder, which allows the smartphone to play Fortnite in high quality. Needless to say that navigation between the applications is logically very fluid.

Samsung Galaxy A52s 5GSamsung Galaxy A52s 5G

A unique design

The Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G is one of the few phones that is easily noticed on the street. First of all because it is offered in pretty pastel colors. But also because its frame elegantly covers the entire back of the smartphone, without visible cuts. The photo block seems to be one with the frame. Samsung has also used plastic to cover its smartphone, and this is a choice that seems to be fully assumed as it is identifiable. Finally, plastic has two advantages. First of all, it resists shocks well. Then, it is lighter than glass. Indeed, the Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G weighs only 189 grams.

Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G drops to € 1 at Bouygues Telecom

1 euro, and without monthly payment: this is the price of the Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G at Bouygues Telecom during Black Friday. To obtain this rate, two things are necessary:

  • enter code BF70 in your basket
  • subscribe to the Sensation 120 Go package with Smartphone Benefits from Bouygues Telecom

This package is one of the operator’s most upscale offers. Already compatible with 5G, it offers everything you would expect from a good 2021 package. Here is the detail:

  • 120 GB of mobile data from France, of which 80 GB can be used in Europe, the French overseas departments, Switzerland;
  • Unlimited calls and SMS in France and from Europe, overseas departments, Switzerland;
  • A second internet SIM card for a second device (tablet, watch, etc.).
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This package is offered at a price of 22.99 euros per month for the first year, then 42.99 euros with a two-year commitment. Bbox customers benefit from a reduction of 6 euros per month on this package.

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