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Cologne –

Showdown in Zurich: FIFA will decide on Thursday how Anthony Modeste will continue (30). One of the 50 cases is Tony's dispute with the Chinese club Tianjin Quanjian at the World Association on the table.

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This is not the fact that Modeste receives a play permit. Firstly, Tony's exceptional salary and premium payments will be decided, amounting to around € 30 million.

From the verdict, FC hopes to know if Modeste will receive a gaming permit at short notice. These can be decided only after the event. Subject to Tony, FC expects a change in the winter transfer window.

Modeste earned only with permission to play

FC had Monday after signing a contract request for permission to play. Now it is said that this case has been suspended by FIFA – pending a ruling in the dispute between Modesta and Quanjian. After Tony's Chinese coal verdict, FC wants to repeat the request.

The verdict, the Modeste and the Chinese delivered, is scheduled for Friday. Therefore, the FC bosses will send the application to Zurich tomorrow.

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Not useful in Regensburg

The fact that Modeste travels with the team to Regensburg and even stays there is out of the question.

Modeste is anxious to finally return to Cologne to hunt for goals. It is also clear that he earns his FC salary only after he has granted permission to play. With each day of waiting, around 4000 euros pass through his mouth.

Start: "It's a pity"

The coach of FC Markus Anfang said: "It's good for Tony to participate in the formation of a team of professionals, it's a pity he can not compete with his teammates yet."

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Just under three weeks ago, FC had announced its return. The mystery of the mystery of fashion remains exciting!

An earlier version of the article said that FC had not yet requested clearance for the games. The application was then filed and then suspended by FIFA until the resolution of the dispute.

In collaboration with "Sporttotal.tv" we present here the highlights of the regional championship of "Rheingemacht – Football next door":



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