10 Artist Appearance When Raided on Drugs, Catherine Wilson Dasteran

IntipSeleb – Catherine Wilson surprised the public with the news of her arrest. Long time not appearing on the screen, Catherine suddenly became busy because of being caught in drug cases. Catherine Wilson’s appearance when raided later became the subject of conversation.

Catherine’s arrest adds to the long list of artists who use illegal drugs. This time, IntipSeleb summarizes 10 portraits of the artist’s appearance when secured by the police for drug cases. Who are they? Scroll article below yes!

Roy Kiyoshi


Photo: Instagram

Last May 6, 2020, Roy Kiyoshi it was kept at his residence in West Jakarta wearing a white shirt and gray pants. From the arrest, the police succeeded in securing 21 psychotropic evidence items. Based on the results of urine tests, the man who had a fight with Ruben Onsu was positive using a benzo type psychotropic.

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Lucinta Luna

Sumber foto: Line Today


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