10 days before the show, a complete revolt on the Oscars


Other plans to change the tradition have also turned against them. After planning to limit the best performances of songs, the academy has confirmed that all the songs will actually be performed. "They made the right decision to include all the songs," said Diane Warren, nominated for the song "RBG" "I & # 39; ll Fight". & # 39; & # 39; It would not be fair to have only two songs. This is basically saying that those other songs don't matter ".

Some have accused the ABC, which holds the rights to broadcast the Oscars for the next decade, to put pressure on the academy in some of these measures. ABC declined to comment.

However, the negative response from the leading members of the academy was more than the leadership of the academy expected. Alfonso Cuaron, candidate for four Oscars including Best Photography, was among the most vocalist critics, stating: "No single film has ever existed without CINEMAtografia and editing". Guillermo del Toro, whose "The Shape of Water" won the award for best director and best director at last year's ceremony, said that cinematography and editing "are the cinema itself".

"I don't like it, I don't think it's an interesting business, I'm an artist, so I think we all worked hard, we fed our gifts and we should be able to celebrate them with the world," says Regina King, best actress candidate not a protagonist. "It doesn't look like 15 minutes make a big difference."

But the academy is insistent in getting the normal transmission of four more hours up to three hours. The ratings for all the prize shows have fallen in recent years, but it remains to be seen whether a shorter show will have any effect on the larger transformations of the viewing habit.

What is clear is that the challenges related to the production of a large tent, for all, are on the rise as the mass audience continues to fracture. For an institution like the Academy, which has a year-round involvement in things like film preservation and a $ 400 million Los Angeles museum, the Oscars broadcast is the main generator of revenue.

"They earn about six or seven million dollars a year from the Academy Awards on television that they pay for the academy," says Michael Douglas, two-time Oscar winner. "How do you put together an entertaining show against (honoring the winners)? So, as far as the TV show is concerned, I understand that they don't do a great job."

"I just saw the Grammys – the best opening I've seen in a long time," added Douglas. "Theirs is a three and a half hour show that has only nine awards, you know? Because they are all musical productions."

But like the Oscars, Hollywood is getting smaller. This year, twenty-five-year-old Fox, one of the major studios of the "Six Six", will join the Walt Disney Co. Other changes are underway. This year Netflix could win its first Oscar for best film thanks to Cuaron's "Roma".

The irony is that all the attention on the contrary transmission and without Oscar's master has meant that nobody is talking about the movies. And the nominees of this year, including the first national success of the year, "Black Panther", are one of the most followed groups for years – exactly what the academy craves.

But with less than two weeks to go, some worry that the dust does not settle within the exposure times.

"People need to calm down before the Oscars and we only have 10 days," says Zophres. "What worries me most are the real disturbances in the building before, during or after, so they must be sure that everyone is under control."


Jill Dobson contributed to this report.



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