10 Most Good and Perfect Weton According to Javanese Primbon because of Smooth Sustenance and Happy Life, Your Weton?

North Sulawesi portal – It turns out from 35 weton only 10 at most good, best and perfect according to Primbon Java.

Owners weton that their lives will be enveloped rezeki continuously smoothly and happily living in the world.

Primbon Java is a method of seeing one’s fortune by looking weton born.

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Everything related to rezeki, soul mate, character, character and future can be known through weton born.

Public Java since ancient times have used weton born as a benchmark for living life.

Reported from the Naura Computer YouTube channel on December 11, 2021, the following is weton The most good, best, perfect according to Primbon Java.

  1. Your Wage (8)

This forest is under the shade of Tunggak Semi which means rezeki abundant and also Latifan science which means mastering all fields of science.

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