10 punk groups in Catalan


For some years It is more common to hear punk groups in Catalan. This linguistic normalization has extended, happily, to all the musical styles of the new millennium, but if we were to look for the zero patient of this kind we would find it in two formations that rebelled against the order established in the late seventies of rock laietà: The Trapera del Río Band with the legendary City gear (the first hit native of punk) i Mongolian masters, one band guided by a graphic artist and agent of chaos Lluís Miracle who has signed incendiary songs like The school rock is Honorable candies.

The torch lit by La Banda Trapera del Río and the Mongol Masturbators gathered in the eighties a couple of groups that united Catalan and Spanish in their subjects; sometimes even inside the same song. Social hate, pioneer quartet Hardcore The punk of Barcelona, ​​he did it in his first EP, Pay Pujol (1986), then embraces the Catalan with more normality in Esventats, published in 1990. Decibelios, some lovers of punk skinhead British They included songs in Catalan in their classic elapés: Just now, Old Town (a complaint of the gentrification of pre-Olympic Barcelona) i I'm an Upstar (a version of Angelic Upstarts) they are hymns that must be requested urgently.

The years' 90, with the definitive explosion of Catalan rock and the boom of the American rock alternative, were a 'complicated'. The groups of Hardcore From there they opted for English, the language with which they used their Yankee, or Castilian heroes, as a reaction to the success of Sopa de Cabra y Sau. However, two institutions of punk were born in Catalan: guts (his debut EP, All there, is a reference point of the kind) i Misfits (openly independentist and close to Red nigeria). In 2000, as we said before, everything changed thanks, among others, to the crazy and rural garage of the city,Surfing sirles, the dark and committed punk of crust And to the torrential madness ofYeye & # 39; s Afghanistan. These groups are inactive or inactive, but there are a number of generations and beginners that are now the living proof of the good health of punk in Catalan. It is about ten o'clock.


One of the most in the form of the genre. Those of Tarragona, who today publish their third studio album, entitled Our father, you are in hell, combines muscle melodies, riff Strong guitar, speed and a stimulating guttural voice to illustrate your calls to action and al denounce the injustices of the First World.Eternal winter, el single of presentation of its new long duration, it loads hard against evictions with a shocking video clip.


Punk as an elixir for young people, many references to the Catalan popular culture and the desire to have fun. This is the formula of Panellet, a trio of Terrassa that with his second album, the accelerated and joyful sputnik (2018), placed Catalonia at the forefront of European pop punk. We could call them the Ramones of Western Vallès, and they are the sweet sons of Anti-patients, a group of Egarenc who was fired from the stage a year ago when he screamed Only punk rock makes me happy.

An uncontrollable Beast

One of the underground pride of Barcelona. Without doing any kind of commercial promotion of their albums, An uncontrollable Beast He took a walk around Europe, made several tours in the United States and last spring he starred in his first round from Japan. Uncontrollable (voice), El Muro (guitar), El Muerte (bajo) and Letxon (drums) play impressionist punk, intense and noisy bigger than life. Taking part in one of his concerts is like receiving an emotional shock in the form of a sound demolition ball.

Beat me

Strongly politicized and with ties to the more combative Basque punk, Batec is a good example of the new generation of Catalan musicians who approach the genre without complexes. Its members, from Rubí and Almacelles, have just published War scars (2018), a second record confirming its value. Very close in the spirit al rancid dell & # 39; iconic And wolves come out, beat claim the classic street punkand they do it with the left hand raised and a beer to touch.


Punk should not always be anti-system or compromised. Sometimes having a lot of faces and wanting to provoke it is already enough. sander It supports the most festive part of the genre by recovering the provocative sound and a bit 'of macaro L7, the group of girls who set in the nineties faces the hypermassic scene grunge American. In his first demonstration, the Barcelona quartet makes a satire about him bullying, shouts very well "Barcelona makes me throw up" sing those who do not know how to have fun if they do not drink alcohol.

Smoking souls

This quartet of Pego, a small city of Alicante, raises the banner of the most commercial American punk, that of bands like Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance or Blink-182. However, only in the sound, because their lyrics want to remove the conscience and touch the fiber with the substance: reflections in the first person on social alienation and the difficulty of living freely within the capitalist society. Their records can be downloaded for free on their website.


These people from Barcelona so angry They want to stop gentrifying with songs like We will be underground in Barcelona, one of the most powerful punk hymns in Catalan in recent years: "Let the anger explode and ignite the flames, / burn this city / Incinerate the mafias / who suck our blood, / outside the county tourist". Fear ( fear in Catalan and also in Italian) have only published an EP of five songs, S / T (2017), which have already been presented live in much of Catalonia and Madrid, and this December will be in Vitoria and Hazparne.

Les Cruet

Project led by Laura Crehuet, the Kathleen Hanna from El Montseny, the Cruet debuted two years ago with the emotional and at the same time festive Sour applesand now they have finished a second title called Deer, stars -registered by Saints Garcia in the studies of Ultramarinos Costa Brava, that this Christmas should be confirmed as one of the great names of the punk freepensador of the country. Halfway between Grrrl and last spring, Les Cruet's songs give off electricity and flames.


FP He is one of the strongest representatives of the genre in the Catalan language (his first reference is 2006) and a catalyst for the scene Hardcore and punk of Osona, because Its members have organized, in the last nine years, the Sugar Illegal Fest in Vic. After being lucid without publishing new songs, the Vikings have come back to life with When everything stops (2018), an EP of six songs courting the world around them and claiming the spirit of the Bad religion and of the first Buzzcocks.


Destroyer punk and crazy chi no prisoner. His latest album, barroer and very funny, is called Let the civil guard return (2017) and befriends the return of Sopa de Cabra and the Catalan punk scene, asks A massive invasion of tricorns in Catalonia and dares with a mad feminist anthem ( We all love you ). Mandanga! It is pure do-it-yourselffrom the design of the covers of their references, hanging in Bandcamp, to the way of torturing the instruments.


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