10 Tips for Lowering Blood Sugar Naturally During Pregnancy

Tips for lowering blood sugar naturally during pregnancy are important for those with gestational diabetes to know. This is a condition of increased blood sugar. Photos/Getty Images

JAKARTA – Tips lower blood sugar naturally during pregnancy important for those who suffer to know gestational diabetes . This is a condition in which elevated blood sugar is first detected during pregnancy.

During pregnancy , the fetus and placenta produce certain hormones that prevent the body from using insulin effectively. As a result, the mother must produce more insulin to maintain levels blood sugar .

If this extra insulin is not enough, blood sugar builds up in the cells instead of being absorbed and results in higher blood sugar levels in the body. Worse, gestational diabetes has no specific symptoms. Most cases are diagnosed through screening tests.

Some women experience symptoms, if the sugar level is too high such as feeling thirsty, frequent uncontrollable urination, extreme tiredness, frequent infections and wanting to eat more than usual. Gestational diabetes can be treated effectively and is a preventable condition.

Tips for Lowering Blood Sugar Naturally During Pregnancy

The following are tips for lowering blood sugar naturally during pregnancy as reported by the Health Site, Sunday (30/4/2023).

1. Maintaining a healthy weight before and after conception, eating well and exercising regularly during pregnancy can reduce the risk of gestational diabetes.

2. Consume foods with a low glycemic index and high protein foods. Such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains, nuts, chicken, fish, in your diet to keep blood sugar under control.

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