10,000 bags of blood to face the flu campaign – News


The Bank of Blood and Tissues aims to receive 10,000 pockets of blood in the sixth Catalonia Blood Donor Marathon, which will begin this Friday and will provide major hospitals and other Catalan points until Thursday, January 18, with the aim of Normalize the situation of blood reserves, which are at low levels after the Christmas holidays.

"We need 1,000 units of blood every day, and at the moment we have 7,000 of them. We have set the ambitious gesture of reaching 10,000 grants, because that is what would allow us to be calm" before the arrival of the cold and influence – later this year, "said Blood Bank President Manel Peiró.

Besides giving in hospitals and in 40 campaigns that will be done throughout Catalonia, donations will be made in the modernist building of the Casa de les Punxes in Barcelona, ​​which will allow an installation this Friday and Saturday.

In this space there will be a DJ session of various artists, such as Alfred García, Delafé, Lyona, Guaje Dj, Joana Serrat and Nil Moliner, who will sing music to cheer up donations in the form of "silent concerts", as they will be able to Feeling in the headphones can be followed by hospitals.

Come on the & # 39; sangfluencers & # 39;

Because there are people who, due to illness or other circumstances, can not donate, this year the campaign asks all citizens to take advantage of their ability to influence the environment to attract new donors and become "bleeding" "or" sanguigni "- A play on words between" blood "in Catalan and English and" influencer "- with the slogan" Fai, sei importante ".

They have also prepared a series of animated gifs to share in online messaging, as well as physical posters to hang in places like the neighbor's scale and which can be found on the Maratodonants.cat website, where you can also book the time to give blood .

Peiró recalled that currently about 650 people work "in the trenches" of the Blood Bank who are dedicated to treating blood, storing it, distributing it and transferring it, which needs the highest guarantees of safety, and that it is precisely the period following Christmas that It is the most crucial for bookings, which is why they organize more campaigns.

Donations must be regular and spaced over time, as the blood expires in about 40 days.


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