(11/29) Unlimited experience of wireless immersion Brook launched its first wireless headset – Bahamut

Taiwanese game peripheral brand Brook Now (29) days (?)Announced the launch of a new product line “Brook Wireless Headphones”. Inheriting the fine tradition of Brook series products, “Brook Wireless Headphones” adopts 2.4GHz wireless transmission technology, which easily achieves ultra-low latency and plug-and-play. It can also be used on PS5, PS4, Switch, PC, and macOS multiple platforms. In various usage scenarios, players can also freely disassemble the microphone or replace it with a 3.5mm audio cable connection device. For the first batch of players, an additional pair of skin-friendly and comfortable earmuffs are provided for replacement. The recommended price is NT$2,890 RMB 2,200, limited to RMB 2,200 in exclusive sales at Yuncheng Shopping from now on.

Brook aims to bring players the best gaming experience. Its well-known products such as Wingman series adapters and universal fighting boards are highly praised by players for their ultra-low latency and multi-platform use. In order to seek the most stable and lowest latency The wireless connection of “Brook Wireless Headphones” adopts 2.4GHz, and it is equipped with an exclusive one-to-many receiver for plug-and-play, which can easily reach the ultra-low latency of less than 20ms without human body feeling, and the body weight of about 300g is equipped with a 50mm drive unit , with skin-friendly protein earmuffs, not only has a comfortable and covering wearing feeling, but also takes into account the breathability, providing players with the best immersive listening experience.

Brook will also participate in the “BeePro Cup Fighting Game Gaming Carnival” held from December 10th to December 11th. In addition to exhibiting the “Brook Wireless Headphones” offline for the first time on the site for players to experience, they will also cooperate with msi In cooperation with SNK, the “MSI Gaming Notebook x Brook XB 2 Adapter” was exhibited on the spot to bring the best hardware configuration of PC-style GAME with “extreme speed and excellent control”. If interested players want to know more information and details about Brook wireless headphones, they can check through the official website.

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  • “Brook Wireless Headphones” 6 must-buy features
  • 2.4GHz wireless transmission Easy connection, plug and play, ultra-low latency below 20ms

  • Available on PS5 / PS4 / Nintendo Switch / PC and macOS

  • 50mm dynamic neodymium magnet driver

  • Omni-directional microphone (detachable, freely adjustable angle)

  • Skin-friendly protein comfortable earmuffs (additional pair for the first batch of purchases, detachable and replaceable)

  • One-year warranty, if it is damaged by non-human factors within one year, provide free replacement after-sales service

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