11 quintessential Dive Bars in San Francisco


When it comes to drinks during the night, nothing takes us as the crumbling charm of cheap neighborhood holes.

For no-frills drinks, fatty bar bites, quirky decor, graffiti-scribbled bathrooms, analog photo booths and jukeboxes, these are San Francisco's most popular bars.

Kozy Kar Bar

One of our favorite NSFW watering holes – porn, straight and gay, he plays on wall televisions when the sun goes down – Kozy Kar leads back to the 70s without worries. The drinks are, as you would expect, remarkably affordable for SF, and the atmosphere is, for example, That-70s-show-meets-the-HGTV & # 39; s-roster-of-home-decorating-show. (Custom vans, eight track players, CB radios, waterbeds, chain wheels, shag rugs, oh my!) Leave a semblance of caution at home, please. // 1548 Polk St. (Polk Gulch), kozykar.com

Lounge Lounge Li Po

Nestled on the edge of Chinatown, the Li Po Cocktail Lounge exists as a former haunt of the dimly lit opium, where, instead of illicit drugs, now live bands and powerful drinks that fill the halls and the basement. Their ever signed Chinese are the free go-tos here, which you can sip while sitting by the wraparound bar or on top of a "well-loved" red leather cabin. Omnipresent traditional Chinese lanterns hang from baskets for decoration and practicality. On the way out, feel free to send a silent offer to the gold-plated Buddha statue near the door. // 916 Grant Ave. (Chinatown), lipolounge.com

The salon

Set in an atmosphere of the late nineteenth century, The Saloon looks like a window on a simpler and less stressful way of drinking in the city. Live music is an event of the daily calendar, in which the relaxed vibrations and a varied crowd intersect through the bartop; The Saloon, above all, is an ode to a SF of the past, one that you can see, hear and even smell when you walk through their only narrow entrance. Money is the preferred payment method here, so make sure you have some invoices on you, in advance. // 1232 Grant Ave. (Jackson Square), sfblues.net/saloon

The Cinch Saloon

A haven for gay buttoned-up flannel and billiard fans, The Cinch exudes vibrations from the old-school dive bar from all its weathered corners, albeit with a hella homo touch. The drinks are so effusive and strong enough; the outdoor patio is intimate and even smoky; pool and pinball machines fill the narrow hall. Keep an eye on their Facebook events page for updates on drag shows, community potlucks and more. // 1723 Polk St. (Polk Gulch), cinchsf.com

Hi Dive Bar

Post-lined walls, waterfront views and pier-inspired decorations serve as diving platforms for bar bites and cheap libations (ish). Brunch at the Hi Dive pedestals, their famous Bloody Mary, served on Mission Mission Lake, French toast and more. Grab your shot at the pool table between drinks and the other. And don't worry, you're not going crazy: it's really a bike hanging over the bartop. // 28 Pier (Embarcadero), hidivesf.com

Aces Bar

Friendly bartenders and bartenders and conversationalists populate this Polk Gulch hub with no frills. A drink machine that, instead of shaking frightening tusks, mixes an Irish coffee similar to a frappuccino available from 6 am to noon, creating a potentially central morning coffee. Cheap and simple cocktails fill the menu, as well as a Keg table, which can be booked in advance. The Jukebox games are removed from the red-painted walls, practically all the hours they are open. // 998 Sutter St., (Polk Gulch) acesbarsf.com

Zam Zam

Zam Zam, one of the oldest and most loved bars in San Francisco, has been the centerpiece of Haight-Ashbury to quench its thirst since 1941. A Persian bar with accessories for culture such as culture, including a magnificent bar that is crazy, specialized in the martini of the past. Suffice it to say that this is only cash (and before Anthony Bourdain approved the watering hole) it is a must for locals and tourists alike. // 1633 Haight St. (Haight-Ashbury), facebook.com

Louie & # 39; s Bar

Louie's Bar is a little more modest than his sister Pour Guys-watering hole, Tempest … to say the least. But it is the embarrassed brick facade of this bar that makes checkout all the more useful. A former whaling drinking establishment, with roots dating back to the 30's, the Louie's Bar reveals its daily round of cocktails, mocktails and other drinks through blackboards. High-end pub grubs include tidbits like a grilled cheese, vegan cauliflower burger, your name. // 55 Stevenson St. (SoMa), pourguys.com

The Knockout

Accompanied by the SF parade of Beauty Bar, the obvious normality of the chain of nightclubs, the Knockouts host dances with DJs, live punk band shows, bingo nights and a no-frills bar experience without frills. The Knockout Sweater Funk Superfly weekly party is reason enough to play and weave Motown and Soul hymns after doing a little courage. A word for the essay: don't leave without signing a pose in the photo booth. // 3223 Mission St. (Bernal Heights), theknockoutsf.com

Tempest Bar & Box

The long-standing and arguably most popular dive bar in San Francisco, Tempest is the rustic mecca exposed to bricks for frugal drinks and live music. The bar, by itself, maintains some of its old vintage 50's, blended with modern technology and comfort. (Free WIFI!). The Tempest also serves as a culinary playground for Box Kitchen; Pork belly skins, on their own, are worth waiting after work. // 431 Natoma St. (FiDi), pourguys.com/tempest-bar


The award for the bans and the most popular bars in San Francisco must probably go to Zeitgeist– Because we're honest, this is the place to go for cheap (preferably damn marie) drinks once you're drunk enough to eat one of their greasy burgers. And there is absolutely nothing better, especially when you and your gang can flock to a picnic table on a sunny day to get kicked. // 199 Valencia St. (Mission), instagram.com/zeitgeist_sf



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