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This is perhaps the most lively object of Our home. It serves both to host copious family meals and to host a lonely dinner in front of the TV. She always witnesses the extensive trivial games that take place on a table afternoon, and will not be a problem when it comes to office work when she touches twork at home.

The dining table has become a piece ‘multi-employed’ It is well worth choosing with care, meditation and, above all, patience. Because finding the perfect table requires time and dedication, and we must consider, first of all, the place we want it to occupy in proportion to the size of the room.

To do this, we have to know the space we have and the number of diners It must house. An easy rule to follow is the ratio of 60 cm / per person, which is usually the optimal distance between chair and chair so that guests can easily accommodate. A table of 120 cm in length, for example, is perfect for four people, a measure 80 cm wide is recommended so that the distance facing each person is warm and not overwhelming.

The use you receive will also be a decisive factor, specifically for decide what material It is the most convenient. If it is a table designed to house breakfast and family meals, it is best to decide on wood treated with resistant varnishes that increase its durability and facilitate its cleaning. If your destination, on the other hand, is a dining room that we use from time to time, we can opt for more delicate materials such as tempered glass or cherry wood.

Next, we will have to decide your form, something more complicated than we imagine if we think about the multiple advantages that each one brings. The round tables, for example, they are suitable for micro-floors that require multifunctional spaces, such as a kitchen open to the living room or a living room that fulfills the functions of dining room. Its silhouette brings warmth and style, shortening the distance in the conversation. The extensible ones, However, they are a good option for spaces that mutate sporadically, hosting a number of very different guests according to the moment.

And if our advice is to be patient in your search, it also means being during the shipment. Its considerable volume and weight usually delay both the production and delivery deadlines, delaying for weeks … But do not despair, it will have been worth it.

The beauty of the hidden

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The board is more than a mere support on a table, it is a line that separates two worlds. Thus they explain in Mob Projects, the international incubator of furniture design, the formal and aesthetic sense of this visionary piece. Designed by Maio Architects in intense blue Klein, the TTTAble It has shocked the world of design because, at first glance, it seems to respect the protocol and its conventional function at the top … but nothing is further from reality.

After maintaining good shape, everything changes under the surface. It is then, as the Maio study points out, when “flirting, furtive gestures, the hidden” appear, that place in the secret codes, our feet get confused and collide. Even, where our pets can rest.

This environment of the hidden, of the secret, gives rise to the usual four-legged form being disrupted, reproducing lightly up to twelve points of support in its minimum expression. In this way, it increases the durability of the board by homogenizing its support and its conceptual beauty.

You can check its price and availability at Mob Projects.

The ‘brown’ table

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The Scandinavian design seems to have imposed natural and pale wood because of its neutral character, but we should not discard chestnuts or even blacks if we do it properly. It is the case of the table Västanby from Ikea, in solid beech that will give personality to both a small living room and an open kitchen.

Created by Briton Chris Martin, co-founder of the brand Massproductions who designs furniture as beautiful as effective, bet on this piece for a board in dark ash sheet, whose colorless varnish reveals its veins. Easy to clean and suitable for four people, we recommend adding other pieces of the same shade if you give a counterpoint with details in metal and raw textiles. Available for 299 euros.

An off-road stand

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The architect David Chipperfield known as “the museum surgeon,” and who we recently cited for his Pian bookshelf, he turns to the architectural principles of solidity and functionality to make the table possible BASIS In collaboration with the firm E + 15, he wanted to create a piece as blunt as light on the surface that could perform all kinds of tasks.

A high quality design inspired by the drawing easels that Sir Chipperfield probably frequented during his studies at Kingston University. The supports available in oak or walnut wood, are sold separately or together with the envelope that completes it. It can be manufactured in many woods, HPL panels or glass, such as this one Domestic Shop for 653.40 euros.

No excuse for surprise guests

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The size of a dining table, due to its size and prominence, often determines the remaining distribution of the room … but with exceptions. An extensible model like the table Century from Maisons Du Monde, it will adapt to our needs of the moment, with a timeless and solid design as appropriate for interior spaces as to serve as a breakfast bench in a garden.

In just a few seconds, its metal structure and solid handle You can go from inviting eight guests to a dozen, thanks to its two 50 cm extensions that easily fit. Perfect for crowded homes with friends who come by surprise. In addition, its legs in steel tinted in black and aged air fit in any style. Its price, 799 euros.

Checkmate style

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Straight and curvilinear silhouettes seem to maintain an intense duel in recent years. Inside the winding furniture, the firm Sancal She is an expert in the field since 1973, injecting energy and emotion into international design with her quarry of artists. It is the case of Ionna Vautrin, winner of the prestigious Grand Prize of the creation of Paris that has contributed to the catalog of the Murcian company creations as striking as this table of the series Pion.

His taste for him Memphis Group and the primary colors they spread in a collection inspired by chess figures, where the dining tables represent the queen. The contrast of the gloss in the lacquer allows it to be combined with natural stones such as Ochavo granite or Ibiza white marble, in addition to wood and leather. Its price, from 800 euros in Lomuarrendi and delivered within a maximum period of ten weeks.

As suspended in the air

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The glass occupies an unusual place in the model Lotty of KHome bird. In this dining table, the tempered glass is not linked to the surface but to the feet that support it, through its V-shaped silhouette. This geometry manages to support, without hardly any effort, a large plank of solid wood of 220 cm Long by 100 cm wide.

Its structure in contrast generates a beautiful weightlessness effect, making the envelope in natural and waxed finish seem to float in the air, despite its dimensions. An updated version of the rustic tables of yesteryear that can accommodate up to a dozen diners during one of those busy Sunday meals. Its price, 1,179 euros.

A furniture-sculpture

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One of the doubts that arise when acquiring a circular table, are the annoying stops that create their legs between the chairs. Table Homme Grande from Artilleriet, it puts an end to the eternal discord about who will sit there by placing its three cubic legs in the center. Designed by the study of Matti Carlson the Swede who brings head Scandinavian design with its volumetric shapes and sense handcraft of his compositions, this piece is as beautiful in the company of other furniture as a single column.

Its sculptural charm resides in the solid oak wood that manufactures Tre Sekel locally, dyed white and allowing the circle shape of its legs to create a single focal point that is as solid as it is easy to move. With 135 cm in diameter, it is ideal for four / five people and is priced at 2,711 euros.

A solid investment

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Rectangular or round. That is the point. If the quadriform tables allow a greater number of diners to be concentrated by taking advantage of the corners, the curvilines improve the communicative experience when a committed dinner is presented. Further, occupy less space and allow the concentric light point to expand throughout the surface.

If we have agreed, it is time to make an investment and bet on a model in solid and noble wood such as Slice Vols 2 Table from Normann Copenhagen Nothing less than a board in oak veneer 200 centimeters in diameter, treated with matt lacquer and supported on solid legs of the same material. The innate beauty of this wood will make it one of those temporary pieces that will accompany you for life. Its artisanal production takes between 6 and 8 weeks. The price, 3,555 euros in It matters.

Follow the path of the tiles

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Trend alarm: the tiles enter strongly into the universe of interior design and not only under our feet or in the tiling of the bathroom, but as a material to devise creative furniture. This is shown by the strong revival of pieces like the table Quaderna, a landmark of the Zanotta house dating from 1970.

During that time in Florence, the terrible enfants from the Superstudio laboratory they wanted to reveal themselves with the established and change the world with revolutionary objects like Quaderna. Born with the idea of ​​the “constant monument”, with a totemic and regular structure, its geometry covered with white tiles with black joints, shocked Aurelio Zanotta in such a way that he integrated it into his catalog instantly. Now you can also take it home for 3,570.11 euros in Domestic Shop

A children’s game

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The artistic past of its creators around photography and sculpture is revealed in this table as harmonious as it is graceful. And is that Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen know how to emphasize the function in their furniture but without forgetting that, in this design, creativity always leads to winning.

Masters in the use of color and subtle extravagance, only they could sign the model Long table. Designed in 2013, it consists of a polystyrene board available in several colors, where the great visual shock is made of its steel structure in intense red and whose pronounced opening seems to indicate that it is about to spread. Its laterals in H located halfway from the center, allows you to feel at ease by taking advantage of the space to the millimeter. Its price, 3,940 euros in Artsy

To the natural and without artifice

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The obstinacy of the architect and designer Christophe Delcourt (France, 1966) for the environment and the traditional tradition of his country, he merges with the debauchery that can only provide self-taught training acquired in workshops of local cabinetmakers. The result is a baggage as rich as it is heterogeneous that materializes in his sign of furniture of author.

In his work he combines premium materials with the elegance of nature itself, to print quality and emotion to such suggestive pieces as the table Teo. It affects both its artisanal process and its transformation through use, since according to Delcourt, “the furniture will live with us aging in unison.” Its sculptural form carved in gray elm wood, shows without any artifice the splendor and beauty of its natural veins. From 19,700 euros on request your website.



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