11-year-old deaf boy rescued from India well after four days

In India, an 11-year-old deaf boy has been rescued from a well he fell into four days ago. Rescue workers managed to rescue the boy from the 24-meter-deep pit after 110 hours.

Last Friday things went wrong in the northeastern village of Pihrid. Rahul Sahu was playing near his house when he fell into the well. Rescuers immediately installed an oxygen hose through the very narrow hole so that he could continue to breathe. A total of 500 people, including from the police and the army, were involved in the rescue operation.

A shaft was dug parallel to the pit using cranes. That shaft was then connected to the well. Cameras monitored Rahul’s situation, although his deafness made it difficult to communicate with him.


Certainly the last hours were critical; According to the police, the boy barely moved and only made some gestures when he was given food. Rescue workers also had to work carefully because of the danger of collapsing, while the water also started to rise.

So last night I finally managed to get Rahul out of the hole. He was placed on a stretcher and brought up by rescuers standing in line. Immediately afterwards he was taken to hospital. His condition is stable. He did get skin infections because he was in water for four days.

This footage shows Rahul being carried outside:

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