1,153 inmates at the Tangerang detention center take part in HIV and TB checks

This checking activity is very important for us, to be able to find out the health condition in the prison…

Tangerang (ANTARA) – A total of 1,153 correctional inmates (WBP) or inmates at the Class I Detention Center (Rutan) Tangerang, Banten, took part in a health examination for HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis (TBC) by the local Health Service.

Hilman Hilmawan, Head of the Tangerang Class I Detention Service Section, said that screening for infectious diseases was very necessary for WBP considering the number of inmates did not match the capacity of the existing room.

“This checking activity is very important for us, to be able to find out the health conditions in the detention center, because the number of prisoners in the Class I Tangerang detention center is more than a thousand, while the normal capacity is only 700, as a result the condition is over capacity,” he said.

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He said, with overcapacity conditions, of course it can cause diseases such as tuberculosis, HIV and others. Therefore, it is important to do this activity regularly.

“Of course, this activity is for the detection and anticipation of disease to the WBP,” he said.

Meanwhile, Head of Disease Prevention and Control at the Tangerang District Health Office, Hendra Tarmizi, added that the checks were part of a series of commemorating World AIDS Day.

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“To commemorate World AIDS Day, we and the detention center are also working together to carry out this check. And not only Aids/HIV, but also TB checks,” he said.

The check is also carried out through the blood test method and later, if a prisoner is found to be positive for the infectious disease, a follow-up will be carried out with a thorough test and the administration of special drugs.

Reporter: Azmi Syamsul Ma’arif
Editor: Nusarina Yuliastuti

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