12% of those infected by COVID-19 in Spain are health workers, 3,475

(Update NA7111 with more statements from Fernando Simón)

Madrid, Mar 22 (EFE) .- The number of health professionals infected by coronavirus in Spain is 3,475, which represents around 12% of the total affected, a figure that worries health authorities.

This has been said by Fernando Simón, director of the Center for Health Alerts and Emergencies of the Ministry of Health this Sunday, at the press conference after the meeting of the Coronavirus Technical Management Committee, which has recognized that health personnel are the group of population with higher risk of contagion.

“This epidemic is showing that there is a group of heroes who are more silent and act in the shadows and who show that they expose themselves and give everything to get the disease to be controlled and, unfortunately, it has consequences for them,” he said. saying.

Simón, who has offered the latest figures on those affected, has indicated that he does not know if the evolution of the pandemic “is going to be much longer”, but has assured that it is not worsening compared to the previous days and has stressed that in the last week the general trend makes a small inflection towards the stabilization of new cases and incidence.

“The impact of the measures that are being implemented has the objective of being able to bend the curve, make it stabilize and go down”, and that – he has assured – is only achieved by avoiding contacts.

He has referred to the differences between China and Spain when establishing isolation measures and has highlighted that in the Asian country a province of 60 million inhabitants was isolated, which represents less than 4% of the country’s total population, and it had 32 neighboring provinces capable of supplying it.

“In Europe things do not work the same, we have smaller countries” and, if Spain is totally isolated, “there will not be other countries that support us.”

For all this, he has asked for caution when evaluating other measures, “because the ones we have are already very restrictive and allow us to maintain the functioning of society so that there are no serious socioeconomic problems that generate problems greater than the coronavirus”, but , at the same time, has asked to be strict in its compliance.

Regarding the warning of a group of scientists who warn that the Spanish health system will collapse in the middle of this week, he explained that the epidemic in Spain is evolving at different speeds and areas.

“We cannot think that saturation is going to occur at the same time. If all the patients who have to go to the ICU were given at the same time, we would have a health collapse, but, if it extends over time, we have a option, even if there is stress and pressure on the system, “he stressed.

However, he has recognized that with current modeling the collapse “can probably occur at some points”, but “it will not be generalized and its extension over time will allow us to control it”.

He recalled that today there are in Spain a total of 28,572 cases of coronavirus, 3,646 new and 1,720 deaths, and the fatality of COVID-19 stands at 6%, although he recalled that right now only the cases are being diagnosed with some severity, and as more populations are tested, more patients will be detected and mortality will drop. EFE

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