12 pregnant women died of Covid-19 in Ankara, all unvaccinated

Ankara Provincial Health Director Zülfikar Akelma stated that 12 pregnant women lost their lives due to Covid-19 in Ankara in 2021, “These are the situations that hurt us. These are mothers, young mothers. They are all unvaccinated groups. Pregnant women must be vaccinated. no harm,” he said.

Ankara Provincial Health Director Assoc. Dr. Ahmet Zülfikar Akelma said, “In 2021, 12 pregnant women in Ankara, that is, the person who was during pregnancy or within 42 days of birth, died due to Covid-19 infection. All 12 people who were pregnant and lost their lives due to Covid-19 are unvaccinated.” .

Akelma provided information about the course of new types of coronavirus (Covid-19) cases and vaccination studies in the capital, and answered the questions.

Pointing out that Ankara has achieved rates above Turkey’s average in vaccination from the very first stages, Akelma said that now, in addition to hospitals and family health centers, organized industrial zones, squares where citizens are concentrated, places such as Esenboğa Airport, AŞTİ and High Speed ​​​​Train Station and bedridden patients. He explained that vaccination studies are continuing intensively at home in terms of


Akelma said, “Currently, our vaccination rate for those aged 18 and over is 87 percent for one dose and 70 percent for two doses. These figures are very promising for us. We understand from these figures that our citizens in Ankara have no hesitation about vaccination, they have a desire to be vaccinated.” made its assessment. Pointing out the importance of exceeding the 80% rate in the second dose vaccination, Akelma emphasized that they aim for 100% vaccination in the capital city for those aged 18 and over.


Sharing the vaccination rates among children and young people in Ankara on a question, Akelma said, “Our vaccination rate in the 15-30 age group is 66 percent at the first dose and this rate is increasing. Vaccination is increasing in those aged 12-15, but of course, these rates have not yet decreased. we’re under.” said.

Assoc. Dr. Akelma stated that the group with the highest rate of vaccination is those aged 60 and over, “Our vaccination rates for those aged 60 and over are above 90-95 percent. Vaccination rates for those aged 60 and over are above 90-95 percent. Vaccination decreases under the age of 30, but we have started to see an increase here as well. It has increased especially with the opening of schools. “When universities are opened, our vaccination rate will probably increase. As the age gets older, the vaccination rate increases and decreases as the age decreases,” he said.



Provincial Health Director Akelma also shared the following information regarding the number of Covid-19 cases:

“Compared to a month ago, there has been an increase in our number of cases in Ankara. Our number of cases has been fluctuating for the last 4 weeks. Our number of cases, corresponding to a population of 100,000 per week, varies between 150 and 240. Our last number was 242 last week, which is one week compared to the previous week. “There is an increase. However, what we see in general terms, the new cases have drawn a certain plateau as follows. We anticipate that there may be an increase in the number of cases due to the increase in human mobility with the opening of schools and universities in the coming days. We do not want this at all, but the situation after that increase is ahead of us.” It will make us see well.”

Assoc. Dr. Regarding the situation of hospitals, Akelma said, “Although our cases have drawn a certain plateau in the last month, our hospitalization rates in hospitals are not excessive, but there is a controlled increase. There is an increase in hospitals and intensive care units. We are increasing the Covid-19 capacities in our hospitals in a controlled manner as the need arises. We do not have any problems with our patients who are admitted to the ward or waiting for intensive care at the same time,” he said.

Stating that the general occupancy rate of hospital services in Ankara is 55 percent, Akelma shared the information, “Our Kovid-19 services are not stable. We reduce or increase them according to need. Currently, the occupancy rate is 60 percent there.”

Assoc. Dr. Akelma said, “In general, our occupancy rate in our intensive care units is 70 percent. We look at the need while allocating our intensive care units to Kovid-19.” said.

Stating that the necessary plans have been made for those who need intensive care due to both Kovid-19 and other diseases, Akelma emphasized that there is no problem at the moment.


Akelma, “What is the status of Covid-19 cases in schools after the start of face-to-face education?” He answered the question as follows:

“There is no serious problem that reflects on us throughout Ankara. In the last month, we noticed an increase in the number of children with increased mobility. This situation partially reflected on our hospitals. There is no significant problem at the moment with the opening of schools. We will follow the process in the coming days.”



Akelma expressed the sadness of the pregnant women who lost their lives due to Covid-19 and continued as follows:

“In 2021, 12 pregnant women in Ankara, that is, people who were in pregnancy or within 42 days of giving birth, lost their lives due to Covid-19 infection. 5 of these pregnant women resided in Ankara and 7 were pregnant women who were referred to us by referral. “As far as we can see, some of the pregnant women have hesitations and hesitations about vaccination. All 12 people who were pregnant and lost their lives due to Kovid-19 are unvaccinated.”

Assoc. Dr. Ahmet Zülfikar Akelma said, “All pregnant women should be vaccinated. We do not want to face a severe picture. There is no obstacle in front of the vaccination of pregnant women. We have enough scientific data.

Reminding that pregnant women usually do not get vaccinated for fear of “it may harm the baby”, Akelma said, “There is no harm in getting vaccinated by pregnant women. On the contrary, the antibodies that occur when pregnant, when they are vaccinated, may even be protective for the baby through the placenta in some of them,” said Akelma. shared his knowledge.

Emphasizing that the vaccine is made on a voluntary basis for pregnant women, as in all groups, Akelma stated that they are working to ensure that everyone understands the importance of the vaccine in the fight against Covid-19.


Pointing out that there is a general laxity in complying with individual measures, Akelma pointed out that viral respiratory tract infections such as colds and flu, which were not seen last year, started to be seen this year due to the effect of not paying enough attention to measures such as masks and distance.

Emphasizing the importance of citizens’ resolute adherence to individual measures and their vaccinations, Akelma said, “Nearly 90 percent of the patients in intensive care and services are incompletely vaccinated groups. Among them, the weight of young people has also increased.”

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