12 things you can do with a click of the middle mouse button that you may not have known and will make you much more productive

Who we use a mouse before everyone had the sensational invention that is the wheel of scroll, we know it is one of the best parts of the peripheral, but not everyone takes advantage of its full potential, because in addition to going up and down, it also works as a button or “central click”.

If you are not one of those foreign people who prefer a touchpad to a complete mouse that you can move with your hand and that has three or more buttons, This article is for you. There are quite a few things you can do with a simple click on the _mouse_ wheel., and that they will save you a lot of accumulated time at the end of the day. These are some of them:

The middle mouse button in Windows

Click Central Taskbar

Central click on one of these thumbnails will close the window

Even though that him right click and its context menu in Windows 11 get almost all the attention, it is not the only useful click that you can make in the system (both the new and in previous versions) to perform various types of quick actions:

  • Center click on any icon pinned to the taskbar open a new application window.

  • If you hover the mouse over an icon on the taskbar, it shows a thumbnail with all open windows of that app, if you do central click on any thumbnail, you will close the window.

Click Central Touchpad Windows 11Click Central Touchpad Windows 11

Setting the center click with the touchpad in Windows 11

  • If you want simulate center click on a touchpad Just open Windows Settings, navigate to Bluetooth and Devices, and look for the Touchpad options. In the Gestures and interaction section find “Three-finger gestures” and in the Keystrokes menu change the default action to “Middle mouse button.” This will cause three-finger tapping on the trackpad to perform the equivalent of a mouse wheel click.

The middle mouse button in your browser

If opening and closing windows in Windows with the central click seems nice to you, it is even more so when you learn that you can also use it to close browser tabs, among other things:

  • Central click on any browser tab is used to close it.

  • Central click on any link within a website, opens the page in a new tab.

  • Central click on the “Back” button of the browser opens the previous page in a new tab.

  • Central click on the browser’s “Forward” button opens any subsequent page in a new tab.

  • Central click on the “Update” button opens an updated version of the current page in a new tab.

  • Central click on the “Home” button (the house) opens your home page in a new tab. + `Central click on a bookmark, open that page in a new tab.

  • Middle clicking on a bookmarks / favorites folder opens all the links in that folder at once.

  • Central click in the middle of a web page enables the scroll automatic.

  • Central click on any automatic suggestion when doing a search, opens the result in a new tab.

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