12,000 satellites for Internet around the world


Rand around Tesla it is currently rumbling considerably, the more likely Elon Musk should come the start of a project of his space company Space-X. On the night of Friday, a Falcon 9 rocket with 60 satellites took off from the World Canary Islands Cape Canavarel. These are supposed to be part of a corporate network in space, which is supposed to bring fast internet to all corners of the earth through its close network. According to Musk, thousands of other satellites will be put into orbit in the coming months.

The satellites were dropped at an altitude of 440 kilometers. The next step is the application of the awnings. Musk says it needs about 720 satellites to provide "moderate" Internet coverage around the globe. The funding for it was secured. The entire "Starlink" network should consist of 11,943 satellites and should be several billion dollars expensive.

Keep an eye on Mars

Space X is not alone with its ambitions: Amazon works under the name "Project Kuiper" also on a satellite network. So far, however, little is known about the specific design. However, Amazon boss Jeff Bezos underlined his all-round ambitions with the launch of a lunar module in mid-May.

According to Musk, the "Starlink" network has one main purpose: "We see the project as a way to generate funds so that Space-X can drive the development of new rockets and spaceships," said the company founder. This needs Musk to realize an even more ambitious project: the colonization of Mars.



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