The Entre Ríos Epidemiological Surveillance Area confirmed that This Tuesday, 127 new cases of coronavirus were registered and thus, there are 7,424 cases confirmed in the province.
According to the report of the Ministry of Health , twelve departments added positive this Tuesday. The department with the most confirmed cases since the beginning of the pandemic, it is Paraná, which in total, already counts with 4,600 positives, Elonce learned.
While Gualeguaychú, already adds 1,287 cases. While, Diamante, is the third department, regarding the accumulation of coronavirus cases, and already has 435 positives.

The cases reported this Tuesday, they were registered in twelve departments and according to the report they are distributed as follows:

Parana: 78
Gualeguaychú: 21
Number: 7
Federation: 5
Uruguay : 4
Victoria : 4
La Paz: 2
San Salvador: 2
Diamante: 1
Nogoyá: 1
Gualeguay: 1
Islas : 1

Thus, in the province are 7,424 confirmed cases.

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