14 people arrested in different provinces for links to jihadism

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The National Police has arrested 14 people for their alleged links to jihadist terrorism, in an operation carried out in different provinces. This has been indicated by police sources, who have not specified more details and have indicated that the operation is carried out by the General Information Commissioner.

As it has progressed The newspaperthose arrested would be members of the political movement Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP), a fundamentalist Pakistani movement, whose main characteristic is that they incite people through social networks so that anyone who does not respect Muhammad be beheaded. .

Those detained would advocate the implementation of sharia, Islamic law, and are accused of spreading messages on applications such as TikTok in support of this political movement calling for violence.

This is a device against jihadist terrorism that takes place after the war between Israel and Hamas and the recent attacks in France and Belgium have forced Spain to reinforce level 4 anti-terrorist alert.

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