14-Year-Old Boy Disappeared for 5 Days on Mount Guntur, Comes Home With Mystical Stories

SOLOPOS.COM – M Gibran Arrasyid, a boy who was missing for five days on Mount Guntur, Garut, was evacuated by the SAR team. (Special/detik.com)

Solopos.com, GARUT — A boy named M Gibran Arrasyid caused a commotion after being reported missing on Mount Guntur, Garut, West Java. The 14-year-old boy mysteriously disappeared during climbing activities last Sunday (19/9).

The incident began when Gibran and 13 of his friends climbed on Saturday (18/9/2021). They arrived at Post 3 Gunung Guntur at around 17.00 WIB. Because it was getting dark, they then decided to spend the night there.

Based on information gathered from the police, from witness statements, the next day at around 04.00 WIB the group rushed to continue their journey to the top of Mount Guntur. Surprisingly, at that time Gibran was reportedly reluctant to join the group and chose to stay in a tent.

About 4 hours later, at 08.00 WIB, the group who returned down to post 3 from the summit found Gibran was not in the tent.

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After trying to search until noon, they finally reported the incident of Gibran’s disappearance to the officers. A search was then carried out by officers at that time, but to no avail. Gibran was finally found safe five days later.

Found Confused and Lethargic

Gibran was found by a joint SAR team on Friday (24/9/2021) afternoon, at 16.00 WIB. He could only be evacuated at 17:41 WIB because of the steep terrain.

“At around 16.00 WIB the joint SAR element received information from residents that a survivor (Gibran) was found in Curug Cikoneng. Then evacuated at 17:41 WIB,” said Head of the Bandung SAR Office, Deden Ridwansyah, as quoted from detik.com, Saturday (25/9/2021).

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Gibran was found in the Curug Cikoneng area. Deden said the location was about 750 meters from the starting point of Gibran’s disappearance in the area of ​​Post 3 Mount Guntur.

In the photos circulating on the WhatsApp messaging application, Gibran appears to be sitting when he was first discovered. He was confused and listless.

After being successfully evacuated, officers then took him to the Tarogong Health Center for further treatment.

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One of the nurses on duty at the Tarogong Health Center said that Gibran is in good condition at the moment. “He is in good condition, only dehydration and blisters on his feet,” he said.

Mystical Story

Believe it or not, behind the disappearance of Gibran tucked a mystical story. The horror confession was conveyed by Gibran at the Tarogong Health Center, Friday night.

He told what happened when he disappeared for five days on Mount Thunder. “I don’t feel anything. It’s normal,” said Gibran, starting the conversation.

M Gibran Arrasyid, a boy who had been missing for five days on Mount Guntur, Garut, was evacuated by the SAR team. (Special/detik.com)

Gibran revealed, the last he remembered, when he was inside the tent someone shouted his name. “Someone shouted ‘Gibraaan…’. Well, I follow, but the chasm,” he said.

After that, he didn’t know what really happened. He couldn’t do much, but still felt conscious.

He recalled that at that time he had met five figures, consisting of one male and five female. They offered food to the climbing boy.

“As far as I remember the food is fish, rice. But I don’t eat, because I don’t know. The female figure wearing white clothes looks old,” said Gibran.

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Another thing that doesn’t make sense is that Gibran admits that during the five days missing, he didn’t feel the shifting of the sky from day to night.

“Five days it was light, there was no night,” he said.

He had tried to get out of what he saw resembled a cliff. But his efforts always failed.

“Go up the cliff, but fall,” said Gibran.

The Big Role of the SAR Team

The discovery of Gibran was due to the struggle and cohesiveness of the joint SAR team who never gave up for five days. They managed to conquer the steep rocky terrain typical of Mount Guntur.

Ahmad Fauzi, 22, a volunteer, said the steep terrain was an obstacle faced by the joint SAR team when conducting a search.

“I joined on the third and fourth day. What I feel is that the terrain is steep, quite extreme,” said Ahmad, Saturday.

In addition, they were also faced with foggy and rainy weather conditions that suddenly fell every day during the search process. The search process was even halted on Monday (20/9/2021) when rain fell unexpectedly and fog blocked the view of officers who were ready to act.

“For this kind of weather it is not possible to conduct a search. Rain and fog continue to fall,” said Rafik, Field Coordinator of the Basarnas Team at the time.

The SAR team’s struggle proved not in vain. Despite being faced with various obstacles, they managed to find and save Gibran.

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This made a number of parties applaud. Garut Deputy Regent Helmi Budiman said he was proud of the struggle of the joint SAR team.

“I would like to thank all the teams who have been looking. I thank you,” Helmi said when visiting Gibran at the Tarogong Health Center, Friday night.

25 Agencies Involved

In line with Helmi, Garut Police Chief AKBP Wirdhanto Hadicaksono revealed the same thing. He appreciated the persistence of the joint SAR team in carrying out humanitarian operations.

“This is of course the will of Allah SWT, the prayers of the Garut people and of course thanks to the hard work of the joint SAR team. So in the end, Gibran’s brother was found safely,” he said.

Based on the information gathered, there are about 25 agencies, organizations and communities that are involved in the search operation for Gibran. They consist of Basarnas (Bandung SAR Office), Garut Police Sat Sabhara, Tarogong Koramil, BPBD, Tarogong Kaler Police, Brimob Subden 4, Wanadri, Tagana, PMI, Vertical Rescue, SAR Unit Unpad Bandung, Garut Volunteer Forum and Garut BKSDA.

As well as from Garut Regency Nature Lovers, Cikuray Volunteers, Garut PDI-P Baguna, Wapalapa, SIGAP Persis, Majalaya FKPA, Indonesian Wind Volunteers, IDERU Bogor, Bogor Unity Mapala, Mapalih Jatinangor, Garut Muhammadiyah Disaster Management Agency and the local community.


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