Health 15,000 French people affected, here are the symptoms to...

15,000 French people affected, here are the symptoms to know

Some cancers are in the media, so the press can talk about it repeatedly, especially breast cancer. However, other illnesses require the utmost attention to be sure you know the symptoms. If you master these and if you observe an “anomaly”, you will be able to consult more quickly. Even if you have doubts, you shouldn’t dismiss them out of hand without proper medical advice. Even if the latter is unnecessary, it is always preferable to carry out screenings especially if you have already had cases in your family.

The cancer of the bladder, the 7th most famous in France

Compared to other health problems like prostate cancer or breast cancer, it is relatively unknown. This therefore delays the diagnoses, the symptoms are not perfectly understood and this can be problematic for the success of the treatment. According to figures shared by the newspaper 20 minutes, nearly 15,000 French people each year are the target of this bladder cancer, but, the most surprising, is that 24% of them do not know at all signs.

  • These percentages were shared by a survey conducted by Opinion Way for the needs of the newspaper..
  • We learn that bladder cancer affects four men for every woman.
  • It is generally the presence of blood in the urine that should prompt an alert.
  • You should then consult a healthcare professional as soon as you make this observation.

Unfortunately, some people tend to confuse this symptom with a UTI. Therefore, if you are not vigilant, the blood in the urine is not identified and you do not consult. This then delays the diagnosis. However, this symptom is also known for kidney stones, but in any case, it is best to have the advice of a doctor who will perform the most important additional tests.

Bladder cancer progresses very quickly in the body

You must react quickly since the progression of the tumor is often important. A few months ago, we learned that a urine test would detect this health problem years before the appearance of mutations. Therefore, in addition to the traces of blood in the urine, you should also pay special attention to other symptoms, including pain, when you try to urinate. If you feel more or less severe burns, do not hesitate to consult a doctor who can then refer you to a colleague to refine the diagnosis. When the latter is performed under the best conditions, you should know that the cure rate is very important, but, as the tumor evolves very quickly, you must be attentive to all the signs.

If you are wondering about the treatment of this bladder cancer, know that it is enough to remove it so that a urinary bag is installed. This usually resolves the health problem. You now know, be very vigilant for all symptoms whether it is for bladder cancer or some other problem. Avoid self-medicating by looking at internet sites or with self-medication. As soon as you have any doubts about your health or have questions, quickly turn to a doctor, he will be the only one to make a reliable diagnosis.


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