16-year-old girl found severely beaten in the forest near Panevėžys in the case – mass arrest: broken during drinking

At the request of the Panevėžys district prosecutor’s office, the court imposed the strictest preventive measure on the 3 suspects during the pre-trial investigation into the rape of a minor found in a forest in the Panevėžys district over the weekend – arrest.

On the evening of March 10, around 10 p.m., police officers found an unconscious minor with marks of violence on her body in a forest in Panevėžys district. The girl was rushed to Panevėžys hospital.

The minor has been found to have suffered multiple bodily injuries, which qualify as serious health impairment.

According to preliminary data, she was found to have suffered multiple bodily injuries, which are classified as serious health impairment (Article 135 d. 1 of the Criminal Code).

On the same evening, the officers of Panevėžys County Chief Police Commissariat (AVPK) arrested 5 suspects. At the request of the prosecutor’s office, the court yesterday sentenced three of them to detention for a period of 10 days to 3 months. Two more minor suspects, a boy and a girl, were given milder pretrial measures – a written promise not to leave.

According to preliminary data, the company, in which most were minors, consumed alcoholic beverages that evening in the forest area.

The company, in which most were minors, consumed alcohol that evening in the forest lot.

A minor girl was severely beaten during the conflict.

Panevėžys district prosecutor Donatas Skrebiškis claims that the girl was brutally abused in various ways, reports tv3.lt.

“Those circumstances have been clarified, but since this is just the beginning of the pre-trial investigation, I would not like to comment, as we still have to clarify the circumstances. It has been beaten in many ways and without examples. With tools, hands and feet,” the portal quotes the prosecutor.

According to D. Skrebiškis, the minor was in danger, “fortunately, the police were informed and the police found her, and she was taken to the hospital.”

The girl was brutally abused in various ways.

Tv3.lt also cites Žaneta Ginaitė, the head of the Panevėžys County Child Rights Protection Department, who says that the parents of the victimized teenager were sometimes given psychological help: “Currently, the most important thing is the health of the victimized child. We have already communicated with the child’s parents, we have arranged for the family to receive psychological help, we are also finding out what kind of help the child and the family will need and we will initiate it. Currently, the necessary information is being collected and the situation of the other children involved in the incident is being assessed.”

The pre-trial investigation is led by the prosecutor of the Criminal Prosecution Department of the Panevėžys District Prosecutor’s Office, the investigation is conducted by the investigators of the Serious Crimes Investigation Board of the Criminal Police of Panevėžys AVPK.

The Penal Code provides for imprisonment of up to 10 years for severe health impairment.

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