16-year-old teenager confesses to murder in video on Instagram | Abroad

Officers in Bensalem, Pennsylvania received a call Friday from a concerned mother. She had heard from her daughter that she had received a rather sinister video call. “During the video chat, the 16-year-old stated that he had just killed someone,” the police said in a statement, according to the American news channel. “He then reversed the video image and showed someone’s legs and feet covered in blood. He then asked for help in disposing of the body.”

Police officers went to the scene and saw a young man running away upon arrival. Inside, a 13-year-old girl was found on the floor of a bathroom. She would have been fatally hit in the chest. Police have indications that the suspect, Joshua Cooper, had intended to clean crime scenes. He was found not much later and put in a juvenile detention center. He would have stated that he accidentally shot the girl.

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