News 17. June: Saxony is reminiscent of the victims of...

17. June: Saxony is reminiscent of the victims of the popular uprising in the GDR in 1953

Saxony has commemorated with memorial events and wreath-laying at the victims of the East German people’s uprising 67 years ago. “Of the 17. In June 1953, meant that the GDR a historical legitimacy loss. This event showed that the political Power was based on the violence of Soviet tanks,” said culture Minister Barbara Klepsch, on Wednesday, at the memorial ceremony of the Association citizens Committee of Leipzig. The CDU politician emphasized that the work of memorial initiatives, and victims ‘ associations bar for decades, a major contribution to the history of the 17. To complete June 1953, more.

In Leipzig, the Association citizens Committee of Leipzig, had followed the associations to Remind you of the memorial plaque in the street of the 17. June invited. In the city is reminded at this point of the historical event. Also, in Chemnitz, Freiberg, Görlitz, there were wreath-laying and silent tribute.

Call to freedom and unity

Around a Million people were gone in the GDR 67 years ago in around 700 places against the politically and economically tense situation on the road. From spontaneous strikes, a riot developed, with a Call to freedom and unity. A total of were killed during and after the uprising, at least 55 people. About 15,000 people were arrested and around 1,800 of East German courts, sentenced to long years in prison.



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