18 European companies refuse to build ‘Nord Stream 2’

18 European-based companies have announced that they have terminated their participation in the pipeline “Nord Stream 2“project or is in the process of withdrawing from it ASV due to the threat of sanctions, reports Deutsche Welle.

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“This shows that the goals of the legislation and our work were successful. We continue to track down companies involved in potentially sanctioned activities,” commented Ned Prais, a spokesman for the US State Department.

Most of the companies leaving the project are British insurance companies. It is also the German company Bilfinger, which provides industrial services, and the insurance company Munich Re Syndicate Limited.

According to the US State Department, Switzerland’s Zurich Insurance Group and Paris’s Axa Group have also withdrawn from the project.

The US allies should not be surprised if further action is taken against the construction of the pipeline, says Praise.

Bypass of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline connecting Russia and Germany Ukraine area was scheduled to be completed by the end of 2019.

The completion of the pipeline has been hampered by US sanctions. Critics see Nord Stream 2 as a Kremlin political project that will multiply European energy dependence on Russian and will harm Ukraine. Not only Ukraine, but also Poland and the Baltic States oppose the project.

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