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Insurance company “The Bavarian” wants to acquire shares in the financially weak third division TSV 1860 Munich. CEO Michael Scharold hopes that this has a signal effect on other sponsors.

The financially dull football third division TSV 1860 Munich may plan with an increased amount of its main sponsor. The CEO of the insurance company “Die Bayerische”, Martin Gräfer, said at a press conference on Wednesday, the sponsorship will be increased “by a high double-digit percentage”. So far, about 700 000 euros flowed into the lions' treasury per season, so in the future it should be about one million euros. “There is still a very big task waiting for us, but that's a good building block, which we are happy about,” said 1860 Managing Director Michael Scharold. “I hope that also has a signal effect on other sponsors.”

Significantly larger amounts are likely to be, if “The Bavarian” could implement their second plan in support of the TSV 1860 in action: The insurer wants to acquire shares in the professional football KGaA according to Gräfer and his board colleague Herbert Schneidemann – as part of an investor group with ” Munich personalities “and other companies. President Robert Reisinger, who is in the same limelight with investor Hasan Ismaik about the form of allocating shareholder funds, has recently brought a capital increase into play several times as an option. “I would like us to get two or three other co-shareholders in for a capital increase – if Hasan Ismaik goes along – so that is not so polarizing,” he said. Ismaik had “already said that he would be open to a third partner” – of course, there is nothing to hear.

Meanwhile, in 1860, it continues to puzzle over what Ismaik's governor Saki Stimoniaris meant by saying to the players that no one should worry about his job. A concretization was not presented. Sports director Günther Gorenzel is certainly busy contacting buyers for his players: “In our situation, if a request with a fair offer is there, you have to worry about everything.”



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