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When it comes to the operation of the transfer market, according to Puba’s anti-bones, Xinzu’s instability, and Mai Jiaya’s misfortune, Manchester United has become a water fish on the ball; Players, in fact, I do not agree.

First of all, I’m not doubting Wise’s ability. Wise can assist and assist in Westham’s defense and turn defense into offense, mainly because he is a Westham’s youth player, and he is familiar with the club. The system, the fans’ appreciation for him, and the goals of the club allow him to express himself without any worries and contribute to the team; if he joins Manchester United, first of all he will not be familiar with the team’s system (although in the past two seasons, there is no contact with Manchester United. system), to face the issue of fans’ appreciation becoming what they expect from him, the goal of the club is not as simple as winning the European Championship; when Wise can’t play his worth, he may become the second McJaya.
Speaking of Mai Jiaya, why do I describe him as unfortunate; in fact, I am still an active football player, mainly playing the backbone. In addition to guarding the back defense and playing the role of flanking, I also like to lead the ball to advance and create offensive, so I will sympathize and understand Mai Jiaya. In fact, after returning to Manchester United or England in the near future, even if he is the main candidate or backup, the defense is still unstable, and even loses.

Of course, McJiaya’s performance is sometimes very bad, making ice cream cones, lack of concentration, slow speed, slow kicks, slow judgment, lost waves, etc., but if you watch Manchester United on the field, is it Dallowge, Are Thales and Shure good defensively? Is Bailey focused? Has Hualani ever tried a human twist? Does Jones have good judgment? I want to say that Mai Jiaya’s system is quite sluggish, because every time he makes a mistake, the team just loses the wave, so everyone will have the illusion that he is very bad, let me state my position first, I don’t like Mai Jiaya, because He definitely can’t do the responsibility of the captain, and he can’t build confidence in his teammates at the back; but to be fair, are the teammates around him really doing well?

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If his teammates move around more and are willing to sit, maybe he doesn’t need to push the ball or pass the ball to concede the ball? If the partner next to him was not Liandilov, but Hualani every time, or Evans from Liszt (joking), would Mai Jiaya perform so badly? I hope next season he can lower his responsibilities as captain and focus on being a competent backbone, which may be good for him or Manchester United. I believe everyone is looking forward to this scene.

I don’t want to talk about Puba’s rebellious bones anymore. His performance is not the attitude a player should have. I forgot that he is not a player, he is a star… Therefore, I think the current transfer policy of Manchester United , it should be based on the policy of Sir Fei or Morino in Chelus, mainly to sign in some A-level or B-level players, and then train them to become A-level or S-level players. It is the best policy.

Before Vidy joined Manchester United, he was just an unknown backbone; Leo was just an A-level player in Leeds United; it would take one or two years for Evra to win the main election in the hands of Hens. ; Iron-blooded captain Kenny only achieved the glory of Manchester United only through the passing of the small ball in the forest; in those days, Morino bought Robin, Duoba, Dove, Digao, Cava Road, Ferrana, etc., except for Robin is relatively well-known, and the others are only AB-level players, especially Duoba. Before joining Chelus, did anyone know him? I haven’t seen him in CM or FM, haha~

The following is the author’s analysis by location,
Goalkeeper: Dikia and Hendrickson, do not need to be reinforced in this position for the time being

Right gate: Braidon’s right gate Lindy can solve the lack of offensive power of Yunbai Shaka, and Lindy is a rising star in England, hoping to be a long-term investment in Manchester United

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Backbone: Mai Jiaya failed to give confidence to his teammates and fans, Jones has always passed his peak, Liandilov’s performance has been good and bad, Bailey has not been able to return to the state after recovering from injury, Hualani is good, but he has some problems. Injury trouble, so definitely need reinforcement. In my opinion, what the backbone needs is experience and physical quality; therefore, Ajax Timba is not the best candidate. His height (179cm) and physical quality are insufficient, so it is difficult to fight against the collision style in the Premier League. In addition, the lack of young experience does not allow him to play in the Premier League. The Premier League is looking for the right style of play; I think Villarreal’s Torres or Inter’s Škriniar or Napoli’s Koulibaly are the right candidates, at least with enough experience and good physical fitness.

Left gate: Since Williams has returned from loan, Sole has returned from injury, and Thales, there is no need to increase troops in this position

Defense and midfield midfield: Fett and McTominay are actually not bad in terms of ability, but it is more difficult to take on the banner; as long as McTominay can turn his mind to be a Ball winning player, then add another box to box midfielder Players, I think Yundibike can play this role, and you can also consider buying the Savic of Lasso to play this role. In terms of the ball winning player, I have already stated that Wise is not the best candidate. Originally Leeds United’s Qiyun Ferriss was the best candidate, but it has been rumored that Manchester City will successfully buy it, so Canada, who returned from loan, is also the best candidate. It can be regarded as the role of a ball winning player; or a player with a large midfield coverage can be used tactically to make up for the lack of interception.

As far as wingers/left and right midfielders are concerned, the team already has enough players. As long as each player can assist the team 100%, I believe that the offensive power is very terrible. If it really needs to be strengthened, Rafina of Leeds will definitely Is the first choice, has Premier League experience, has a heart on the pitch, and is a talent that Manchester United lacks.

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In terms of attacking midfield, I don’t think Eriksson is suitable for Manchester United. If there is a need to reinforce this position, the motor should not have been let go; on the contrary, three all-round midfielders are the tactics Manchester United needs. If you really need to buy a creative and versatile midfielder, I think Franchi Dzhuang is the best candidate, after all, he will be easier to execute the tactics of the tank and can help other teammates.
Lastly, in terms of strikers, C7 is definitely the main selection in terms of ability, but last season has shown that C7 cannot play in the main selection every game. If Lumu is found not guilty, he is definitely the best support. If the club has excess funds, they can try to buy Isak from Real Sousta, whose physical quality is suitable for Premier League games.
I reiterate that the stars are no longer what Manchester United needs at this stage. The reconstruction is by no means dependent on the stars. What Manchester United needs are people who are loyal to the club and pay for the club.
Therefore, players in the youth army cannot be ignored. Canazu, Sotaia, Wenzhi, Meibier, etc. are also important assets of Manchester United and indispensable players on the road to reconstruction. Finally, the support of the club’s top management and fans is also very important. Manchester United’s top management must provide sufficient time to rebuild Manchester United. I believe that Manchester United’s dynasty is just around the corner.

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