19 – Conte: “Vaccines the only tool against the pandemic”. The Lazio bulletin. Third dose Pfizer side effects similar to the first two doses. Locatelli: “The third dose is not discounted for healthy and young subjects”

The Civil Protection has disclosed the data relating to the last 24 hours. They have been identified 3.212 new positives to COVID-19. On the last day they died 63 people with Coronavirus. The positivity rate is 1.1%. Vocegiallorossa.it has provided you LIVE with the latest news.

22:38 – The Sardinia it ranks second in Italy for vaccinations, after Tuscany, and has the lowest RT in Italy. “A little more than a month after the pandemic peak of the fourth wave – comments the president of the Region in a note, Christian Solinas -, the latest data confirm the efficiency of a health system which, despite being confronted with shortcomings caused by wrong policies of the past, is facing the emergency in the best possible way “.

22:19 – In Piedmont 98% of the residences for the elderly are Covid free and are therefore confirmed as one of the safest places following the vaccination campaign and the work carried out in recent months by the Crisis Unit of the Piedmont Region together with the more than 700 structures in the area. This was announced by the Region on the basis of the weekly monitoring data. In particular, out of more than 33 thousand guests at the moment only 46 are in isolation for Covid, 0.13%, while the percentage of positivity in the staff is 0.10%. Hospitalizations are also minimal, accounting for 0.76% of the total number of guests. Mortality is confirmed reduced by 2/3 compared to December 2020, before the start of the vaccination campaign.

21:53 – I understand that it is not nice for those who would like to escape the vaccine and the swab the constraint of the Green pass to show up for work. A little while ago I met a delegation of dockers “from Trieste who expressed” this perplexity to me. I told them what I think, which is a public position. We have made many sacrifices: the only tool to get out of this pandemic and to restart the economy is the Green pass, that is, the completion of the vaccination plan “. This was stated by the president of the M5S, Giuseppe Conte, during an electoral rally in Trieste “.

21:27 – “COVID-19 has hit where we have always been weaker and the groups that have always paid the most for crises in Italy: young people, women and temporary workers. So we have to start from here to respond to the great inequalities of Country”. The president of Confindustria said it, Carlo Bonomi, during the general meeting taking place in Vicenza. “For this reason either we decide to change the negative factors with a ten-year or twenty-year course – he continued – or else our Italy will unfortunately see its growth decrease more and more”.

20:51 – The French government wants to keep “the possibility of using” the green pass until the summer of 2022. The spokesman for the executive said today, Gabriel Attal, confirming that a draft law to this effect will be presented to the Council of Ministers on 13 October.
“We have reason to be optimistic,” said Attal, according to whom France is moving towards the end of the fourth wave of the covid-19 pandemic, with “daily cases falling by 23% in one week”. But “the last 18 months have shown us that we need to be cautious. We still need tools for many months to be able to use, if necessary, means to protect the French,” he explained. The current green pass provision expires on November 15 and will have to be renewed by parliament. In the last 24 hours, over 6,700 infections of COVID-19 and 58 deaths have been recorded in France.

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20:18 – The extraordinary phase of the “vaccination campaign” should gradually become ordinary “and” gradually it will be transferred to health centers, family doctors, pharmacies, community homes, places where healthcare is the fundamental question. “The Minister of Health said, Roberto Speranza, in his speech at the 2021 City Festival, promoted by the League of local autonomies. “We are in a different phase, the epidemic is still ongoing and it is wrong to imagine that we are out of it – reiterated the minister – But it is evident that we are in a very different phase and characterized by a very high level of people who have completed vaccination and this allows us to deal with the pandemic in a different way. We have exceeded 78% and will reach the 80% which was our goal and we continue to have a significant number of first doses since we passed the last decree law on Green pass “.

19:56 – From 20 to 26 September the Ats della Metropolitan City of Milan received reports of 132 cases of Sars-CoV-2 positive swabs in schools in the provinces of Milan and Lodi. “The trend of isolated classes, cases and isolations is stable and in line with the general epidemiological trend”, explains a note from the Health Protection Agency. There are 111 pupils and 21 operators: 6 are from nursery schools, 20 from kindergarten, 43 from primary school, 33 from lower secondary school and 30 from upper secondary school. The isolated classes, on the other hand, are 96: 15 in nursery school and kindergarten, 31 in primary school, 24 in lower secondary school and 26 in upper secondary school. The total number of isolated people is 2,195: 2,137 pupils and 58 operators.

19:23 – “We have come from 20 months of COVID-19 nightmare, but we are coming out of it and we will be stronger than before. The credit is certainly not of the 18% who are looking for any excuse not to get vaccinated”. This was stated by the president of Veneto Luca Zaia, speaking at the assembly of industrialists in Vicenza. “In Veneto – added Zaia – we have 82% of the vaccinated and it is their credit if we are here today to hold this assembly and if the A4 motorway to get to Gambellara was very clogged”, he concluded.

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18:46 – The Sardinia it ranks second in Italy for vaccinations, after Tuscany, and has the lowest RT in Italy. “A little more than a month after the pandemic peak of the fourth wave – comments the president of the Region, Christian Solinas -, the latest data confirm the efficiency of a health system which, despite clashing with shortcomings caused by wrong policies of the past , is facing the emergency in the best possible way “.

17:35 – According to bulletin today, in Italy 3,212 infections are recorded out of 295,452 processed swabs. There are 63 deaths. Hospitalizations are decreasing: 450 patients are hospitalized in intensive care (-9) and 3,317 in ordinary wards (-101). The positivity rate is 1.1%.

16:50 – “With a concert dedicated to health workers, the La Nuvola vaccination hub” in Rome “closed yesterday, which in the months of the pandemic contributed to the fight against the virus with over half a million vaccine injections, becoming a symbol for all citizens “. Thus the regional councilor for health, Alessio D’Amato.

16:25 – “Today in Lazio on 11845 molecular swabs and 14354 antigenic swabs for a total of 26199 swabs, there are 275 new cases (+23), down compared to Wednesday 22 September (-16), 4 deaths (+ 1), 389 hospitalized (+1), 60 intensive care (+3) and 588 recovered “. Thus the regional councilor for health, Alessio D’Amato. “The ratio between positives and swabs is 1%. The cases in Rome city are at 107” adds D’Amato.

15:50 – The extension decree approved today in the Council of Ministers “postpones the deadline for the regularization of the payment relating to the 2019 IRAP balance and the first 2020 IRAP deposit to 30 November 2021”. It can be read in the press release of the CDM. “The extension of the deadline expiring on September 30 is necessary since the decision of the European Commission on the extension of the new thresholds of the Temporary Framework to aid already authorized will not be adopted within this deadline.

15:00 – “The vaccine saves lives, we must complete the vaccination campaign. Undergo the vaccination campaign and secure yourself, your loved ones and the country. We must travel the last mile, so yes to the spread of the green pass”. So the leader M5S Giuseppe Conte, host of ‘Today is another day’ on Rai Uno. “We do not impose the vaccination obligation but let us rely on a sense of responsibility”, continued the former prime minister.

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14:10 – “Today the ‘ni-vax’ worry me more than the no-vax, that is, people who are hesitant or who still have doubts about the anti-Covid vaccine. We have to convince them to do it with arguments. “This was stated by the director of Inmi Spallanzani in Rome, Francesco Vaia. “We have seen that after the mandatory Green Pass for some categories and activities there has been an increase in vaccinations but this, personally, makes me sad and I would like that the hesitant and the undecided, many of these also turn to me, we would convince them with arguments, “he added.

13:30 – Still a decline in the currently positive Covid in Umbria, now 906, nine less than Tuesday, while there are five more hospitalized, 46, two of them in intensive care, a stable figure. The website of the Region reports it. On the last day, 52 new positives and 61 recovered were recorded, with no new deaths.

11:50 – In Russia, in the last 24 hours, 857 have died due to COVID-19, an absolute peak since the beginning of the pandemic.

11:40 – “Covid-19 has become the fourth cause of death in our country”. These are the statements of the CTS coordinator Franco Locatelli reported by the SkyTg24 website: “In the United States, covid-19 mortality is even the third leading cause of death in 2020”

10:20 – “I say very clearly that as far as healthy and young subjects are concerned, it is anything but taken for granted that we must go towards a third dose “. These are the statements of the coordinator of the Scientific Technical Committee, Franco Locatelli, reported on the SkyTg24 website: “It was also clearly stated by the European Medicines Agency and by the WHO itself, not forgetting that we have a global world situation so it is important to be able to provide coverage for those low and middle-income countries where the vaccination campaign is incomparably lower in terms of those who have received immunization “.

9:50 – The US agency Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveals that the side effects of the third dose of the Pfizer vaccine are, at the moment, very similar to the side effects of the first two doses.

9:41 – “Keeping dance halls, dance halls and discos closed is inexplicable, a crazy choice, without any justification”. Matteo Salvini a Radio Me too. “If you ask for the green pass, you think you are protected to go to the stadium or a concert in 50 thousand, it seems to me a useless punishment against 3,000 companies and millions of young and old”

9:30SkyTg24 reports that United Airlines will lay off 593 employees who did not want to vaccinate

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