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19 | Tomar has three more cases and outbreak in Gavião is a factor of stigmatization (w / AUDIO) – Médio Tejo

ACES Médio Tejo registers three more cases in Tomar in the last 24 hours adding a cumulative total of 436 cases of infection, 200 patients already recovered and 15 deaths. Photo: DR

The Grouping of Health Centers (ACES) of the Middle Tejo registered in the last 24 hours three more people infected in Tomar by covid-19, with the municipality of the region with the most confirmed cases (119) followed by Ourém, with 114. Two recent episodes in IPSS’s in Sertã (with 3 confirmed cases) and in Belver / Gavião, (with six sick people) are mobilizing health authorities, with the Mayor of Gavião, José Pio, calling for greater understanding and support for society by the sick.


Speaking to, José Pio said that the sick people are all in isolation, fulfilling the quarantine, that they are all asymptomatic, and that the results of about 80 tests already carried out should be known in the coming hours. The mayor expressed his concern about the stigmatization that sick people are being targeted and called for support and understanding by society in relation to a problem that will pass and from which no one is free to knock on his door.

In the total of the last 11 days, the 13 municipalities in the Middle Tejo region registered a total of 114 infected people, plus a quarter of the total accumulated cases (443) since the beginning of the pandemic. In the last 11 days, 92 cases were recorded in Tomar, four (4) in Abrantes Mação and Ferreira do Zêzere, three (3) in Sertã and Ourém, and two (2) in Entroncamento and Torres Novas.

This Saturday there is a cumulative total of 436 cases of infection in 225,000 inhabitants at ACES Médio Tejo, 200 people recovered from the virus, 237 people under active surveillance, and 15 reported deaths.

ACES Médio Tejo registers a total of 436 infected people (+3), 200 recovered (-), 237 people under active surveillance (-8) and 15 deaths (-). In the 11 counties of ACES Médio Tejo, Tomar has the highest number of positive cases (119), followed by Ourém (114), Torres Novas (63), Abrantes (48), Entroncamento (39), Alcanena (22) , Mação (11), Vila Nova da Barquinha (8), Ferreira do Zêzere (7), Constância (3) and Sardoal (2).

In ACES Médio Tejo, Tomar is the municipality with the most people under active surveillance (71), followed by Abrantes (53), Entroncamento (26), Ourém (22), Torres Novas (20), Vila Nova da Barquinha and Ferreira do Zêzere (17), Alcanena (8), and Mação (3).

With the 10 cases now registered at ACES Pinhal Interior Sul, which includes Sertã (9 cases) and Vila de Rei (1 case), the Middle Tejo region has a total of 446 cases of covid-19, 207 people recovered and 15 deaths.

Across the Middle Tejo, there are 297 cases of infection recorded in the post-confinement period, 148 more than those reported in the initial phase of containment of the disease. Of the 13 municipalities in the Middle Tejo, only Vila de Rei does not register cases of new infections in the post-confinement period.

In Alto Alentejo, Gavião recorded this week in Belver the first six cases of covid-19, the last of which was confirmed on Friday. The results of more than 80 tests are awaited. Ponte de Sor, in turn, has a total of 12 positive cases, four of them this week. At least five of the cases relate to people who do not reside in the municipality and who have not updated their tax residency, according to the municipality.

Lezíria do Tejo has an accumulated total of 663 patients, 228 of which in the municipality of Santarém, according to data from the Regional Network. Chamusca maintains an accumulated record of nine patients, including one death to be regretted. Today Golegã had two more confirmed cases and adds up to a total of six infections. The region of Lezíria registers 24 deaths, 12 of which in Santarém.

Thus, the Santarém district has 1099 cases (663 in Lezíria do Tejo and 436 in ACES Médio Tejo), and a total of 39 deaths (24 in Lezíria and 15 in ACES Médio Tejo). Lezíria do Tejo has a total of 555 recovered patients (+15) and ACES Médio Tejo has 200 (-), which gives a total of 755 people recovered from the virus.

Covid-19 | Two more deaths and 238 new cases of infection – DGS

Portugal today registers two more deaths and 238 new cases of infection by covid-19 compared to Friday, according to the daily bulletin of the Directorate-General for Health (DGS). According to the DGS epidemiological situation report, since the beginning of the pandemic until today, there have been 51,310 confirmed cases of infection and 1,737 deaths.

The Lisbon and Tagus Valley region, where there are still more active outbreaks of covid-19, today totals 26,231 cases, 164 more than the day before. In other words, this region represents 69% of new infections.

In percentage terms, in the last 24 hours, the increase in deaths was 0.115% (from 1.735 to 1,737) and the number of confirmed cases was 0.47% (from 51,072 to 51,310).

In number of cases, Lisbon and Vale do Tejo leads, with 26,231, followed by the North region (18,742, plus 67 cases), the Center region (4,449, 10 new cases). Alentejo has two more cases (736) and Madeira has more 106 cases.

As for the Algarve and the Azores, today’s bulletin indicates that there is a decrease in the total number of cases in these regions “due to the need to correct the historical series and the real attribution of them to other health regions”.

In the Algarve the number of registered cases today is 879 (on Friday the number was 883) and in the Azores the number of registered cases today is 167 (on Friday the number was 168). The North region continues to record the highest number of deaths (828), followed by the Lisbon and Vale do Tejo region (605, one more than on Friday), the Center (252), Alentejo (21, one more than than on Friday), Algarve (15) and Azores (15). There are no recorded deaths in Madeira.

The two most recorded deaths today took place, therefore, in the regions of Lisbon and Vale do Tejo and Alentejo.

The number of people hospitalized is 375 in the last 24 hours, (six fewer than on Friday) while in intensive care there are now 40 people (minus one).

The data indicate that of the total number of fatalities, 868 are men and 869 are women.

By age group, the largest number of deaths is concentrated in people over 80 years old (1,165), followed by those between 70 and 79 years old (337), between 60 and 69 years old (154) and between 50 and 59 years old (55). There are still 20 deaths registered between 40 and 49 years, four between 30 and 39 and two between 20 and 29 years of age.

The two deaths recorded today are thus of a man and a woman, both over 80 years old.

Globally, there are more people infected in the age group between 40 and 49 years (8,507), then between 30 and 39 years (8,375), 20 and 29 years (7,851), 50 to 59 years (7,762), followed by people over 80 years old (5,854). Health authorities have 35,661 people under surveillance and 1,631 await laboratory results.

The number of patients reported to have recovered from covid-19 has increased in the last 24 hours to 36,783, another 300, a higher number than new cases (204).

The pandemic caused by the covid-19 has killed at least 680,000 people and infected 17.6 million worldwide, according to the latest balance made by the Agency France-Presse (AFP) based on official data.

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