1997 Toyota Kijang LGX M / T Secondary, Very Smooth Condition Sold Only at this Segment

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Toyota Kijang LGX 1.8 1997 Petrol

Otoseken.idToyota Kijang Capsule in the used car market, many want to own it.

The reason is, in addition to extraordinary durability, spare parts are abundant and cheap.

Toyota Kijang Kapsul has good accommodation and relatively high range.

When it was first launched, the engine that was carried increased.

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Previously there was a 1,800 cc petrol engine (type 7K-E) with a capacity of 1,800 cc with 80 hp.

In this generation, a diesel engine 2,400 cc (type 2L) 1RZ-E was born with a capacity of 2,000 cc with a power of 100 hp.

On the Instagram account @ taufik.feby there is a Toyota Kijang LGX 1.8 petrol manual
1997 is sold with special conditions.


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