2% deposit? No, thanks. A third of Spanish savers believe that it is insufficient

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The Spanish saver has become more demanding, despite the fact that the vast majority continue to be those who choose to keep a good part of their money in bank accounts or in deposits (the least) that currently exist in our country.

Nine out of ten savers channel their money this way, half also use pension plans and the funds continue to increase their attractiveness for Spanish investors, with 40%, when a few years ago they did not exceed 30%, according to the VIII Savings Barometer of the Inverco Observatory. Along this path, we must take into account the limitations that have been imposed on pension plans, with a maximum contribution that has been limited from 8,000 euros three years ago to the current 1,500 euros per year.

“Would you be willing to take out a deposit with an interest rate of 2% rather than a fund?”, the report asks the sample on which the survey is carried out among Spanish savers. Four out of ten say that they would need to consult with their advisor first and a third of them maintain, directly, that they would not hire them. Because? “I want to think that the first reason why a saver does not want a 2% deposit is because it does not cover inflation. There are similar alternative fixed income products to maturity that give higher returns,” said Eustaquio Arrimadas, member of the Observatory Inverco.

The impact of inflation, which for a minority has been positive – taking into account that it increases the profitability of their fixed income products – has reduced the saving capacity of half of Spaniards and one in four has been directly affected. your investments. Especially affected are the most indebted generations, those who are over 43 years old and those who belong to the baby boomersaccording to the report.

Looking to the future, according to the Inverco Observatory, “the deposit has a growing role compared to previous years since its attractiveness is expected to increase.” One in three savers assures that they will increase their bet on deposits while another third recognizes that they will reduce the weight of variable income in their portfolio.

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