2 years left of cancer cure.. Marriage → Hospital trip with abnormal symptoms → Unexpected news ‘fever’ (‘Wedding’) [어저께TV]

[OSEN=김수형 기자] In ‘Oh My Wedding’, the miraculous story of a couple who had 2 years left to recover after battling cancer was revealed.

On the 14th, SBS ‘Oh! My wedding’ miraculous news was delivered.

At the time of the first wedding, the bride Jang Ji-rim and the groom Hwang Do-yeon appeared, who said that the delay in the makeup shop ruined the wedding. He said that he had to skip all wedding events such as gift exchanges, thanksgiving to both parents and congratulatory songs.

For the two of them, Gaebokdan prepared an outdoor wedding in a hanok, and the bride sang a congratulatory song to express her gratitude to the groom. At this time, a video of a surprise guest was drawn. It was the doctors and professors who helped him with the operation. The priest said that he had been diagnosed with stage 4 intrahepatic biliary tract cancer in 2019, and said that he was waiting for a cure as the tumor gradually decreased after surgery.

The bride eventually shed tears and tears while watching the video, making everyone cry. The priest said, “I was moved by the realization that the goal of a complete cure was right in front of me,” the priest said.

Both mothers were also in tears. The bride said, “I thought I had a lot of heartache because of my mother, who didn’t show me crying well.” Then the two
“There is no third wedding, it can’t be more perfect,” he said, expressing satisfaction with this wedding.

And a month later, an urgent text message arrived from the production team. The bride called, saying, ‘That body is strange.’ It was a call with the production team to go to the hospital with me this week.

A contact that made everyone nervous while waiting for cancer treatment to be cured with miraculous treatment. In fact, it would take at least five years to be completely cured, so there were still two more years left. The bride said, “It’s a bit scary,” and held her husband’s hand tightly in her hospital, looking full of concern.

The two entered the treatment room. When asked about the specific symptoms, the priest replied, “I often have a sore stomach, which feels different from menstruation.”

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It turned out that the specialist congratulated the pregnancy by saying, “I can clearly see the baby’s house.” The bride was moved, saying, “I almost died. Moreover, upon the news that the implantation was stably in the uterus, he burst into tears, saying, “A miracle has happened, I have a baby.” The tears don’t stop with happiness.

The two shared their overwhelming feelings, saying, “I will never forget the baby born during the wedding and filming, I will never forget it for the rest of my life,” and “I will work hard to give birth to a healthy child.” is losing
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