20 minutes – Granit Xhaka graces his little daughter with lemon

Granit Xhaka, like so many athletes, is currently unable to pursue his profession. The English Premier League will be at least on April 30th. The footballer on duty at Arsenal London keeps fit at home. So he can spend a lot of time with his wife Leonita (26) and their soon to be six-year-old daughter Ayana.

“We goof around a lot and try to bridge the time as best we can,” wrote the 27-year-old Basler on Instagram a few days ago. Now daughter Ayana became a victim of this mess. The Swiss international gives his unsuspecting daughter a lemon wedge to try. You can see Ayana’s heartfelt reaction in the video above.

When his daughter’s midfielder is not playing acid tricks, he is a thoroughly happy and caring dad. On Instagram he writes: “I am overjoyed to be the father of this adorable girl” and “I am addicted to this laugh!”




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