20 minutes – hello, cold! This really helps!


In the past, your mom lovingly cared for your cold and unpacked all the secret home remedies so that you could heal as soon as possible. But now you have grown and you have to take care of your influence alone. These tips will help you!


Do you take medicines if you have a cold?

before Instead of looking for a handkerchief every minute, you should rather Regularly rinse the sinuses with a nasal shower, This method is much more sustainable than cleaning the nose and also protects the sensitive skin of the nose. However, you should not rinse your nose with pure water, but ideally with an isotonic saline solution with the same salt content as your blood, ie nine grams per liter of water. The shower releases the nose from mucus, bacteria and dust and moistens the mucous membranes.

second Even if you may be skeptical, quark wrappers are your best friends during colds! Quark acts both anti-inflammatory and decongestant as well as analgesic. So, it's the perfect miracle cure for a sore throat! In order for the quark to develop its healing powers, you must first heat it to room temperature and then brush a piece of transparent film with the thickness of a finger. Then fold the film to avoid a mess. Then put the quark packet on the neck and tie it with a cloth so that it does not slip.

third Whether it's peppermint, eucalyptus or oregano: essential oils are widely used in natural medicine, even to fight colds! A bath or inhalation of extracts It frees the airways and can be soothing, antibacterial and decongestant.

4th Even if you don't run a marathon with a stuffy nose and scratchy neck, The fresh air and light movement do not hurt – in reverse! Especially if your cold lasts a few days, at some point you will be tired of lingering. During a walk, the air can relieve any headache, while the body is again properly fed with blood through movement.

5th You already knew that garlic has many good qualities. But are you also aware that miraculous fat can help fight a cold? The main culprits are sulphides, which inhibit inflammation and have an antiviral effect. Moreover, garlic contains vitamins that help your recovery. Garlic can not only relieve colds, but also prevent them. Say: Chnoblibrot you should integrate into your diet this winter!

6th Go easy! The last thing your body needs while battling a cold is stress. This weakens the immune system and prolongs recovery times. Enough sleep is one of the most important factors, as it gives your body enough time to recover and heal.

(20min / 20 minutes)

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