20 minutes – "My parents were deceived by the opponents of the vaccination"


Joshua Nerius, 30, reported high fever and a rash all over her body at the hospital. Doctors prescribed antibiotics, but this did not help. Nerius's condition deteriorated from hour to hour.

That's why the measles vaccine is so important

When he returned to the emergency, the doctor asked him if he was vaccinated against measles. No idea He sent a text message to his mother and received an "emoji with a thumb down."

So sick that he could barely walk

The patient promptly landed in an isolation room at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. Nerius got so sick that he could barely walk alone. Within a few days he lost over 11 pounds. After all, it took him several months to recover. It was three years ago, but the software developer is still annoyed by his parents who have not vaccinated him.

The Northwestern United States is currently suffering from a measles epidemic – and the 30-year-old is sending a strong message to the contraindicated community: "I am very angry." My parents thought they were doing the best for me. opponents of vaccinations, "says Nerius at CNN.

From his own experience he was able to understand how badly he can be infected with the adult measles virus. He himself took the disease during the ceremony of delivery of his sisters in May 2016.

It hardly escapes a mass epidemic

In the reconstruction of the case, the US State Department of Illinois later noted that a guest who had traveled abroad shortly before the ceremony had introduced the highly contagious virus to the United States.

"I only spoke that night with members of my family who were all healthy, so the virus must have spread to someone who accidentally passed me," says Nerius. He is still anxious to be traveling for a tech show the day after the Las Vegas celebration. "At the time I was not contagious, I do not know what else would happen." I still remember shaking hands with hundreds of people that day. "

Social media should stop spreading false news

Nerius is not alone in his anger towards his parents. Eighteen-year-old Ethan Lindenberger was also recently vaccinated when he discovered that he was defenseless against diseases such as hepatitis, poliomyelitis, measles, mumps, rubella, or varicella throughout his life.

Lindenberger began a debate in the United States a few weeks ago, when he announced on an online platform that he was about to be vaccinated now that he was of age, because his parents were "so stupid" to be vaccines for "a kind of conspiracy" Government » stopped. "Only God knows why I'm still alive," wrote the teenager.

His campaign earned him an invitation to the United States Senate last Tuesday, in which Lindenberger exposed his case and called on the government to "oppose the anti-vaccination strategy of social media vaccination activists".




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