News 20 minutes - Now Switzerland cuts its own hair

20 minutes – Now Switzerland cuts its own hair

Almost all shops in Switzerland have been closed for almost three weeks. The corona lockdown also hits the hairdressing salons. Customers can therefore not have their hair cut professionally during this time.


Are you cutting your own hair now?

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In order to tame the hair, which is getting longer and longer, many people lend a hand – and stock up with hairdressing equipment. The online retailers are delighted: The sale of electric hair clippers and trimmers as well as scissors is currently going through the roof.

You can see what came out of your hairdressing arts at home and what your corona hairstyles look like in the picture gallery above.

Paragraphs multiplied

Digitec-Galaxus is currently experiencing a dramatic increase in sales. Such products have never been seen before with these products, says spokesman Rico Schüpbach to 20 minutes. For him it is clear: “The increase is due to the corona crisis.”

According to its own statements, the Migros subsidiary sold around three times more electric hair clippers and trimmers last month than in March a year ago. Compared to February, 60 percent more devices were shipped. The increase in hairdressing scissors is even clearer. Digitec-Galaxus sold 60 times more scissors in March compared to the previous year, compared to February 14 times more. Hair dyes and tints are also very popular. Here, sales have quadrupled.

Scissors could run out soon

The online retailer does not want to give exact numbers. However, spokesman Schüpbach emphasizes: “In March alone, we sold several thousand hair and thinning scissors.” Trimmers and hair clippers are usually sold several hundred a year.

Some electrical hair devices are already sold out and no longer available for several weeks, but according to Digitec-Galaxus there are currently no bottlenecks with the devices. It looks different with the scissors. “It could soon become scarce here,” said Schüpbach.

Hairdressing salons apply for emergency loans

Other online retailers are also seeing increased sales. “The demand for hair clippers and razors in our online shops Microspot, Interdiscount and Fust has increased very sharply in the past few weeks,” Coop said on request. Brack has been registering “a steep increase in hair clippers and accessories, as well as hair dye,” for around two and a half weeks. Migros, on the other hand, reports that an “obvious increase” in these products is not yet felt.

Like other industries, the hairdressing salons are in financial need because of the lockdown. Many businesses have therefore applied for bridging loans of up to 10 percent of sales with the federal government.

“Many are afraid of existence”

As a result, some salons do not enjoy it if the population cuts their own hair. A hairdresser writes 20 minutes: «Do you have to do this urgently now? Can’t that wait until it’s over? There are enough reasons why we are doing an apprenticeship. » Many in the industry are currently afraid of existence. “If people cut their own hair now, it also frightens and annoys many people.”

The Coiffure Suisse association did not respond to a request. On the website, however, he points out that hairdressing salons cannot offer their services privately. “You can’t do your job at home,” the association said.



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