News 20 minutes - Police now pay at private barbecues

20 minutes – Police now pay at private barbecues

Celebrating at a table with more than five people in a private pergola – this is forbidden and is now being punished: Because the police also enforce the ban on the meeting on private grounds. Christian Bertschi, spokesman for the Lucerne police, confirmed a report of the SRF regional journal Central Switzerland on Sunday at the request of 20 minutes.

In general, the two police spokesmen drew a positive conclusion on Sunday behavior on the behavior of the population, including in public space. Stefan Oberlin from Kapo Zurich, for example, said last Saturday: “The rules were implemented well, we didn’t get many reports of violations by the population.” However, Oberlin also warns: «Every move against the Corona regulation is one too many and a shame. Because what everyone does now, he does for everyone. »

And his colleague Christian Bertschi from the Lucerne police says: «In our statistics, we do not distinguish whether we had to issue a fine in private or public spaces. For the most part, Lucerne adheres to the Federal Council regulation in an exemplary manner. »

“If we see that there are too many people in a garden or in a private playground, for example, and the distances are not kept, then we intervene in the same way as we do in public spaces. We will also control the gathering of people on private property and issue buses if necessary, »said the Lucerne police spokesman. The fine is CHF 100 per person.

Bertschi uses two examples to explain when buses are spoken:

– Case 1: The four children of two families and their parents are in a private garden. The eight people miss the necessary distance.

– Case 2: Seven teenagers grill together in a private allotment garden.

Bertschi concludes on both cases: “The Lucerne police consistently implements the Federal Council’s instructions and intervenes if they are disregarded.” The goal is clear, “all social activities that are not absolutely necessary should be avoided.” The responsibility of each individual citizen is paramount. This means that everyone can make a significant contribution to slowing the spread of the coronavirus. Bertschi emphasizes that the police are now not actively patrolling private gardens. “But if we receive appropriate reports, we check them for possible contravention of the Federal Council regulation.”

The situation in the Basel area is similar. The cantonal police also carry out checks there if they receive appropriate information from the population, as the saying goes.

«Private space can also become public»

Spokesman Stefan Oberlin also confirms with the Zurich cantonal police that buses can be spoken on private property. As a legal basis, the police refer to Article 6 of the Covid 19 regulation. It says here that private events are prohibited. “This also applies to a barbecue party in a private area, for which there can be a bus,” explains Zurich police spokesman Stefan Oberlin. The police also draw attention to the rules on hygiene and social distance, which are also set out in Article 6.

The police also rely on Article 7c of the Ordinance for penance on private property – and this requires a great deal of explanation. Because there is explicitly mentioned that crowds of people in the public are not allowed to keep a minimum distance of two meters and the police in public space may ensure that these rules are also observed.

Now a fenced allotment garden is basically not a public space, but a private property. So why does the police still refer to this article of the law? Zurich police spokesman Stefan Oberlin says: «Even a private room can become a public one. When the owner of this allotment garden invites other people to celebrate a party there, he opens his private property, which becomes so public. And then you can be fined. »

Lucerne police are penalized, Zurich police are not

According to Oberlin’s assessment, this interpretation of the Covid 19 regulation cannot be applied if two families are sitting together in the garden of their apartment building. “I don’t think that in this case the private space will become public because it is not an invitation.” Unlike the Lucerne police, the Zurich police are of the opinion that a fine is not justified. Oberlin says the Zurich police are handing out their “buses with a sense of proportion.”

When it comes to private reasons, the regulation is by no means interpreted equally across Switzerland. Bertschi from Lucerne points out that “implementation is the responsibility of the individual cantons and of course there is a certain amount of room for maneuver”. In fact, there are police corps that have not yet been activated on private grounds. Hanspeter Krüsi, media spokesman for Kapo St. Gallen, says: “Due to the journal entries of our hundreds of police officers, I am not aware that we would issue such buses on private grounds.”

Now buses on private property are a top priority

The obviously different implementation of the Corona Ordinance for buses on private property is now the subject of the conference of the cantonal police commanders. On request it says: “After the weekend, the commanders will discuss the challenges and compliance with the rules of conduct.” In the individual corps, a situation assessment had to be made first. “Statements valid throughout Switzerland are only possible after this exchange.”



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