20 minutes – The Tesla pickup arrives in November


Is Tesla a modern success story, or rather a beautifully designed airlock? If one takes the price of shares in recent months as a benchmark, one can say: even investors have not yet formulated an opinion defined on this question. Up and down at Tesla, which is not surprising when news of disappointing quarterly figures alternate, drastic austerity measures and then unexpectedly good monthly sales again.


I think Tesla cars …

E-Pionier Tesla sells used cars as new?
Tesla becomes more expensive (2)

But one thing is certain: the pioneer of e-cars must bring volume among people, in order to be able to operate sustainably with success. Model 3 was an important first step in that direction, and will soon be followed by the medium-sized model SUV (probably in the spring of 2020). The sales figures should really go up, but so is Tesla's new pick-up. High hopes rest on it, especially in the internal market.

Appointment confirmed

Meanwhile, the e-truck has also received an official disclosure date. Elon Musk wants to present his new pickup in November. By the end of July, the idiosyncratic CEO of Tesla had announced the official launch for September or October and then postponed it. More recently, he announced in September, "most likely in November" for the long-awaited presentation. At the request of a user on Twitter, Tesla Chief has recently confirmed at least indirectly this date ("no change", no change).

The concise answer corresponds to the scattered information so far on Tesla's e-truck. But after the American rival Rivian attracts more and more attention with his electronic pick-ups, Tesla has revealed a little more. It was therefore announced that the performances would be higher than those of a "Porsche 911 base". Visually you don't want to burn anything and show off new futuristic standards with a look inspired by the science fiction classic "Blade Runner". All this at an initial price, which one day – if you want to set Tesla as always not – starting from less than $ 50,000. It is unlikely to apply to the version that can compete with Porsche.

Competition for F-150

There are already studies on the Internet that speculate on the appearance of Tesla's e-pickup. So far, however, only one section has been officially shown to show the front, according to Tesla CEO. When a user asked about size via Twitter, Musk responded in his usual concise way: "This will not be a good daisy phone, sir! The driver's cabin will be big enough to accommodate André the Giant (the late former gigantism fighter) ). "

Musk's answer shows that the argument is accompanied by some pressure. Indeed, Tesla's withdrawal in the United States is an extremely important product. Pick-ups can occupy a niche in this country and are the most sold in the United States. The Ford F-150 was the best selling car in America for years and one of the least expensive absolute models in the world. No wonder Tesla has the hope that the e-pickup will provide the volume that Tesla urgently needs as a future series producer.


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