20 minutes – «This virus is common – it takes away your dignity»

As a carer in the hospice department of a private hospital in Rome, Alessio Fantini is used to suffering and death. But his life changed a few days ago. This was the first time the 30-year-old experienced a death in connection with the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus and the lung disease Covid-19 caused by it.


Are you afraid of being infected with the corona virus?

He described his feelings in a post on Facebook – and hit a nerve in Italy, which was hit particularly hard by the corona pandemic. His post was shared over 42,000 times by Friday noon.

“Anger at two categories human”

“It was different than usual,” Fantini told the German press agency on the phone. “Cleaning a patient, wrapping him in a body bag, waiting for the undertaker’s people without an appropriate farewell to his family – that’s something that affects you,” he said. “Yes, this virus is common, it not only takes your life, but also dignity,” he writes in his post, among other things.

He is exhausted, cries a lot, but is also angry. “Anger at two categories of people: those who do not respect the rules of quarantine and thus endanger their lives and that of others.” And anger at those who sat at home and complained about it. “They would have to recognize how lucky they are to be with their loved ones.”

Italy has the most corona deaths

Italy has the highest number of deaths related to the virus among European countries. He finds it strange that people across Europe stand at their windows at certain times and applaud health care workers like Fantini. “People want to share their appreciation with each other and thank us, but I definitely don’t feel like a hero,” he says. He has been a carer for six years, earning the equivalent of almost 1,600 Swiss francs a month.

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Instead of the usual seven hours, Fantini currently works twelve hours a day – always wearing protective clothing, a mask and two pairs of gloves. The Covid 19 patients could not even recognize his face and that of the other nurses on the ward.

When the hospital management asked who wanted to work at the Covid 19 ward, he immediately reported. “That was a good decision. I chose this job because I want to help others. »

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